Escalation League Painting Contest!

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Escalation League Painting Contest!

Postby Guy In Suit » Sat Jun 16, 2012 11:20 am

Some great looking new minis have been done already for the Escalation League Below - so I'm adding a painting contest! The contest is for a single miniature.

Your entry must be a Wyrd Games mini painted for the Escalation league - that's the only rule.

Please post PICTURES of your entries here. If you have trouble taking a picture - we can hopefully have one of yous with your fancy cameras come in and set up a photo day on a Thursday during league play.

There is no scoring checklist - most epic mini wins.

The pics may be crossposted elsewere to get judged. Celebrity judges also welcome.

Best mini gets glory, respect, a Malifaux curio, as well as the ability to score up to two schemes TWICE during the league.

Second place has the honor of being the first loser and can score a single scheme twice.

Entries accepted through June 30th - so that time will remain after for the winners to take advantage.
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