Anyone up for a Scrap or 2 on thursday?

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Anyone up for a Scrap or 2 on thursday?

Postby kalkris » Wed Jan 09, 2013 2:17 am

Hey all,

I'm rather new to the Warmongers Club, so I guess I'll start out by introducing myself (although that's mainly for another board, I reckon): Name's Josh. I was at the store last Thursday, and while I managed to get a decent 20ss game in at the end, I was advised to plan ahead and ask on the boards if anyone was interested in playing, prior to going to the store on Thursdays and/or Saturdays.

So, with this in mind, is anyone up for some Malifaux this Thursday (1/10/13)? I'm pretty much good at whatever time, given we can finish up by the time the store closes. Anyone down?

QUICK EDIT: Also, I got my Henchman status earlier today so I'm also quite stoked about that. :D
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