Season Results Winter '14

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Season Results Winter '14

Postby Arash » Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:18 pm

As promised-

Season Team Awards:

Best Offense: The Saurus (29 Goals Scored)
$20,000 cash prize

Best Defense: WitheringSunday (9 Goals Against)
$20,000 cash prize

Best Passing: Just Elfses and Wild Cats (25 Team Completions)
$20,000 cash prize each!

Most Brutality: FeederLeague (59 Casualties)
$20,000 cash prize

Most Wins: FeederLeage (12 wins)
$20,000 cash prize

Most Interceptions: Big Brass Bulls (2 Interceptions)
$20,000 cash prize

Most Losses: Bloody Mary's (7 Losses)
$10,000 cash prize ;)

Player Awards:

Scoring Machine: Aziz of The-Saurus (9 Touchdowns)

Best Quarterback: Tygra of Wild Cats (19 Completions)

Biggest Bruiser: Four of FeederLeague (19 Casualties)

League Assassin: Four of FeederLeague Leoric and Pugna of Oh Fuck Skeletons! (2 Kills)
2 SPP each

Ball Hog: Ajax of Just Elfses (58 SPP)
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Re: Season Results Winter '14

Postby Guy In Suit » Mon Feb 24, 2014 10:31 am

Ajax really needs to learn to share.
2014: 91/52
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