Boardgames (and a few books & movies) for sale!

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Boardgames (and a few books & movies) for sale!

Postby Natus » Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:07 am

Heya Warmongers! I am having a midsummer sale on boardgames at ridiculous prices. As per the posting guidlines, anything even close to new that I am selling is not sold at the Strat. Feel free to post here with questions or offers, first come, first served. Games can be picked up at the Strat on Thursdays or at other times in Chelsea. Thanks!


Dragon Masters [Livingstone] Games Workshop (OOP). Good: Box top is slightly bowed and the box itself is worn around the edges. Two ship's masts have snapped off,
but these are easily glueable. Otherwise, the components are stickered and in great shape. $35

Friedrich [Sivel] Like New, UnPunched, stickers have a slight crease $50

Command & Colors: Ancients [Borg] Very Good, stickered $30

Kings & Things [Wham] Pegasus Games German Edition; Acceptable--Box seriously compromised;
rules/charts in English--Contents Good $15

Case Yellow [Raicer] Very Good--Played Once $25

Mystery Rummy Case #1: Jack the Ripper [Fitzgerald] Very Good $7
Tamsk [Burm] New In Shrink $40
Villa Paletti [Payne] Very Good $15
Ave Caesar [Riedesser] Very Good $15
I'm the Boss! [Sackson] Face2Face version Very Good; Played Once--Missing original rules which I've printed out 2x $15
Beowulf: the Legend (the auction game) [Knizia] Very Good $15
Municipium [Knizia] Good--Drawstring out of bag; includes metal coins $15
Call of Cthulhu CCG [Lang] Two Complete starter decks; Acceptable--No Box $5
Bridges of Shangra-La [Colovini] Very good $5
Grass [London] Very Good $5
Lord of the Rings: the Duel [Neugebauer] Very Good $5
Stratego: Revised Edition "Fire & Ice" [Mogendorff] Good, box top slightly bowed $5

Lev Grossman Book Deal: Codex (hb) and The Magicians (pb) $6 each or $10 for both

War movie deal: Mongol and Patton (2 disc set) $3 each or $5 for both
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