Dark Eldar Army for sale

Need a bit (or twenty) for that conversion? This is the place.

Dark Eldar Army for sale

Postby Anger Worm » Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:12 pm

PM me with offers

NEW stuff
army book
25 hellions new just assembled with no primer (5 are still new in box)
3 reaver jetbikes (assembled)
40 warriors new primed silver with black wash (2 splinter cannons 1 blaster 1 sarg with agonizer)
20 wyches (new with random weapons mixed in and 2 sargs with agonizers)
1 archon (fine cast, still in blister)
10 scourges (assembled no primer and gun arms are not glued on)
1 cronos pain enigine (assembled)
10 mandrakes (assembled)
5 raiders (assembled primed silver with black wash - easily reprimed)
4 razor wing flocks

OLD stuff
30 oop warriors
19 grotesques (used as wracks)
7 reavers (may be missing a rider or two)
5 warp beasts
1 archon oop metal with "freddie claw"
1 succubus oop metal with agonizer
1 talos oop metal
11 oop incubi
2 haemonculus oop (stinger pistol)
1 haemonculus oop with liquifier
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