Armies for sale

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Armies for sale

Postby ZiggyQubert » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:56 pm

So I'm getting rid of a bunch of my old stuff and thought I'd offer it on the boards first -

40k Orc Army
Mostly unpainted

- Assembeled
Battle Wagon 1 Assembled and base coated
Nobz Bikers 6 War Banner, Big Mek w/ KMB, TL Shoota, Big Choppa, Hammer, Waaagh Banner
Nobz 9 All Resin bases, Pain Boy, 5 painted, 2 primed
Mek w/Shock Attack Gun 1 head swap
Burna Boyz 4 2 primed
Storm Boyz 4 4 boyz, 1 nob, marine jump packs
Kustom Dred 1 Crazy Converted, with treads (see photo)
Ghazghkull Thraka 1 Missing Head, Power Claw, Converted Gun

- Boxes
Kommandoes 1 box

- Sprues
BW Bits 1 rest of kit, turret and gunnerz
Storm Boyz 1 4 boyz and minor bits, NO ROKKITZ
Boyz 1 Seven boyz total, 3 BS, loads of arms and some heavy bits
Black Reach 1 1 Nob and 20 boys (2 of them are BS boyz with packs)
Nobs 1 box+ Five nobz and loads of bitz from other box
Burna Bitz 2 enough bitz for 6 burnas
Loota Bitz 3 enough bitz for 11 lootas
Mekboyz Box 3 enough bitz for 14 of the above, plus 3 KMBs, 3 Rokkitz, 3 BS
Fanatic Frames 2 heads and extra balls only
Orc Ladz (Fantasy) 1 spears, choppa arms, loads of shield icons and some gobo shields
Black Orcs 3 3 total black orc boyz

- Bits
Black Reach Deffkoptas 3
Battle Wagon biTS 1 ard top, turret cuppling
Snikkrot 1
Warboss 1 with both big choppa and squig arms
Badrukk 1
Bits x Leftovers from orc boss kit, giant,

Large GW Case

Price: 600$

All Painted except for Tyranofexes

Tyranid prime w/ dual boneswordd 2
Termagaunts 31
Hive guard 3
Hive guard - Converted from old metal Warriors 3
Tyranofexes (not painted) 2
Flying Prime - Converted to be the Parasite of Mortrex) 1
Zoenthropes 3
Zoenthrope - Converted to be the Doom of Malanti 1
Tervigon 2
Lictor 1
Foam For all of the above

Price: 400$

All Painted except the slann

Slan (Unpainted) 1
Stegadon to convert Slan to Mazdamundi (Unpainted) 1
Skink Priest 2
Skink Chief (1 unpainted) 2
Engine of the Gods 2
Ancient Stegadon 1
Stegadons 2
Skinks w/Blow pipes (2 unpainted) 31
Teradons (2 in blisters) 5
Foam for everything Above

Box of temple Guard 1
Saurus (partialy painted) 14
Saurus (unbuilt) + lots of bits 6
Tun of stegadon bits (weapons decorations skink bits)
Skink arms + other bits

Price: 300$

all unpainted

Gores with 2 weapons (2 are musicions, 2 are Standard barers) 12
-somewhat converted
Ungores with hand weapon and bowes 21
- Converted
Harpies 12
- converted from beastmen
Converted Mage 1

price: 100$

War of the Ring
Primed and mostly base coated, all magnitized to the movement trays

Gandalf (Foot and mounted) 1
Aragon - (Foot and mounted) 1 The Black Gate version
Prince Imrahil (Foot and mounted) 1
Boromir (Foot and mounted) 1
Knights of Dol Amroth (metal) 3 Stands
Knights of Minas Tirith 4 Stands Som conversion
Osgiliath Veterians 4 Stands Converted from Warriors of minas tirith, and with cool trays
Men at arms of Dol Amroth 4 Stands Converted from Warriors of minas tirith
Minas Tirith Command 1 3 models total
Extra command for thoes on foot 3 2 musicions and 1 banner

Price: 175$

If anyone is interested PM me, I don't want to break any of it up though
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Re: Armies for sale

Postby ZiggyQubert » Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:24 am

Added a War of the ring army and photos for the beastmen, updated the lizardmen list
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