CSM Armies for sale

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CSM Armies for sale

Postby Jasonite » Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:50 pm

I've held on to these for too long...

I've got a Nurgle army and a Khorne (or standard) army. I'm looking for $350 for the Nurgle (green), and $550 for the Khorne (red). The red army also features many magnetized joints, extra parts, etc. I'll sell them both for $800. If you get both, I'll include a blue 4-Kaiser case along with a black tank case. Custom mods are scattered throughout both armies.

I have a zip file uploaded of pictures of everything... (it should be clear which army each figure belongs to) but rather than posting the URL for it, I'll send it via PM to any interested parties. (I just don't want to end up with too much bandwidth being chewed)

Finally, the zip file also includes pictures of two Eldar Farseers. They're also up for grabs along with a very large Eldar army. I haven't determined a price yet, as I have to actually take stock of what's there... but it's a lot.

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