Selling a good airbrush & air compressor

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Selling a good airbrush & air compressor

Postby The Gunslinger » Thu May 10, 2012 9:32 pm

Don't know the company names of the top of my head, but they're good. I'll try to get the company names tonight.

The airbrush has the option to either be a single trigger or 2 step for air & paint control separately. It was used by an art student who took good care of it. I only ran some water through it to practice the 2 step trigger a bit.

The air compressor is practically new. Barely used by the previous owner. Works perfectly.

Total retail is around $170. I'm only asking $100. I don't want to bother with airbrushing after all.

Please PM me as I rarely check the boards anymore. I'll get an email notice that you did. Thanks!

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