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Wanted: Storage/Carrying Bag w/ foam and a few Tau/Eldar

PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:22 pm
by GreyDragoon
Hey guys! Looking to pickup a good second hand bag to bring my models out.

I'd also, if anyone has them, like to pick up 3 Guardian jetbikes and a Farseer, and a squad (bigger the better) of pathfinders.

Besides cash, I have a Catachan Officer (metal), Warp Spider Exarch (metal), Swooping Hawk Exarch (metal), Pack of 2 Striking Scorpions (metal), and/or Ardath, High Elf Hero (plastic) all new in blisters. 2 Eldar Reapers (old metal models) with their guns and an old Captain Tycho metal with some white basing (easily stripped) both out of blister as well.