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Tomb Kings Lot For Sale

PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:50 pm
by Potatosalad
I have a small lot of Tomb Kings that are in various states of assembly. I'm willing to let these go pretty cheap, especially if I don't have to deal with shipping. I will include all of the spare bits and parts that came with the models.

1 x Warhammer: Tomb Kings
1 x Tomb Kings Battalion
    20 Skeleton Warriors w/ hand weapon and shield - assembled except for shields
    20 Skeleton Archers - assembled, some primed
    8 Skeleton Horse Archers - assembled
    3 Skeletal Chariots - unassembled
20 x Tomb Guard - assembled, some primed
1 x Warsphinx
1 x Liche Priest - primed
1 x Tomb King w/ great weapon

PM with your offer. I'll entertain most anything, so long as it's reasonable.

Thanks for looking,