Digging through my bitz box...

Need a bit (or twenty) for that conversion? This is the place.

Digging through my bitz box...

Postby -Kid Kyoto » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:23 pm

Hey guys long time no see! Hello from beautiful Red China.

I have some micl stuff to get rid of:

5 loyalist terminator legs & heads
4 fantasy chaos maruauder legs
1 savage orc
1 dwarf miner
1 metal beastman
3 tyranid triangular looking guns (dunno name)
1 nid venom cannon
24 bunny ear Khorne bezerker helmets
33 Empire militia crossbows
58 Las guns, mostly Catachan, some Cadian
21 bow and arrow arms from Empire militia
Endless chaos warrior shields

I'll add more as I go through stuff...

Not looking for much. Old school marines, old school bolters (1st or 2nd edition), possessed wings, beastman arms and or make me an offer.

Email me since I don't check here too often
Kidkyoto (at mark) hotmail (dot) com
-Kid Kyoto
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