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sweet paintball marker for sale

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:54 pm
by slann
ok so one of my well known awsome paintball set ups is up for sale .

oracal autococker with chrome eblade (electronic trigger system) , blue to darkblue fade on the body . Thats not all
included is a freak barrell set ( the one with all the inserts ) , halo hopper ( the bigboy ) , belt with all pods , a 88ci tank 4500psi w/remote line , and to top it off the the really cool looking and pimp dye invision mask . plus thats right plus some cleaning tools for this pimped out marker .
This set up will get you ready to go on the field plus ooos and aaaaahs from other paintballers on the field and a few looks from the ladys .

this set up is worth an easy $ 1100
yours for 700 . ( small price for total domination )

this marker is cherry my stuff is kept super mint ( iam picky about my paintball stuff )
oh this bad boy with out trying hard can whip out 11 balls a sec .