FYI link to nice selection of quality modeling tools

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FYI link to nice selection of quality modeling tools

Postby -Sgt Dirty Dozen » Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:26 pm

Nice, well-priced Jewlery tools for 40K modeling.
(Forgive any redundancy in this, but I really liked what I found!)

FIRST go to
then hit his EBAY link (takes you to his e-bay store)

(the fact that you got to ehis bay store through his website gives him a little bonus, and if you mention having done so, it might make him a little more generous when he combines shipping for you).
BUt he's very reasonable to begin with.

(I hate how some e-bayers QUINTUPLE the actual shiping cost so that their item appears to be lower priced).

I never even thought of using Jewler's tools.

I browsed his store and bought
- 10 Packs of .75 & 1mm drill bits
- Reamers
- Jewler's vice (a friggin steal for 10 bucks)
- Jewer's tweezers.
- Jewler's tray carrying case.

Oh, and I also bought a bunch of cool jewlery beads for my female cousin who likes to make her own bracelets and necklaces. (Thereby giving me one less x-mas headache!)
-Sgt Dirty Dozen
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