Dipping with Min Wax

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Dipping with Min Wax

Postby deFl0 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:05 pm

So I cammo'd, converted, scratch built manticores, magnetized, assembled and dipped 24 vehicles and 250 guardsmen in roughly 8 days. And when I say days I mean 24 hour periods.

Dipping Method:

- Spray paint prime your model
- Air brush base color of entire army at once
- Paint details
- Stick 4" nail into styrofoam
- lie about 10 models on there side and line them up with the bottom of the based facing you.
- Put a dot of glue on the top of 10 nail heads
- zip kick the bottom of the model's bases
- place the models on top of nail head, one at a time
- Pull nail out of styrofoam and place in drill line a drill bit.
- Make sure you have shaked the crap out of the dip.
- Dip model in dip (I usually tried to not pour dip into the bottom of the base.)
- Drip some dip off.
- Spin model with drill in a box that you cut a hole in the top of.
- Snap Model off Nail and place on plastic / aluminum foil / wax paper etc.
- You have some time where the dip is really viscous. So keep an eye on polling and dip excess. And remove with a sponge.
- Let dry over night.
- Testor's Dull Coat entire army at once.

I set up and dipped 250 guardsmen in about 2.5 hours. That's like 40 seconds a models, and set up was a good chunk of the time. Once you get jamming, it's amazing how fast it goes.


It's messy. Use rubber gloves. Use a plastic tarp (I used a $2 painting tarp). The box you spin off excess into will leak through the bottom. Paint thinner cleans up spillage ok.


Bigger models, like tanks (I dipped my vendettas). As opposed to dipping I used cheap sponge brushes to apply the dip, then I used the foam rectangles that come in blisters to wipe off excess off of higher areas. This gives you a ton of control. This is also a super helpful tip for the minis. Wiping off excess is key.

I used winmax tudor satin dip. It world really well on red, green, brown and gray.

I've also used antique walnut with is more a golden brown, and good for lighter earth tones. And I've used bombay mahogany which is almost identical to the old chestnut dip.

I have pictures, I just need to sit down and load a bunch of them. I personally think my guard looks great. I think I could do a final highlight step, but after cranking out roughly 8000 points of guardmen in a month I needed a bit of a break!
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Re: Dipping with Min Wax

Postby Ancow » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:19 pm

pics or it didnt happen
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Re: Dipping with Min Wax

Postby deFl0 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:54 pm

I did actually take a bunch of pics and can take pics of the final result. Need to do the old pull it out of the camera trick though...
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Re: Dipping with Min Wax

Postby Anger Worm » Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:19 pm

Put up pictures and you'd actually have a dipping guide worthy of a sticky.
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