Building a webway portal

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Building a webway portal

Postby -FarseerVinnie » Wed Jun 15, 2005 1:03 am

So for the Chicago GT I'm building a huge display base, and my concept for it was to have the left half be an ice world and the right half be a jungle world, with a webway portal in the middle. Half my army would be on each side, with maybe a wraithlord walking through it (half on each side of the portal). The idea is that the army is using the webway to get from one world to another.

My question to you all is this: How can I effectively create a good looking webway portal without using resin or anything too expensive?

The constraints are as follow:
1) I have to be able to make it look like a wraithlord (or other model) is walking through it. The model itself is expendable, ie it can be cut in half, but it still has to look realistic.
2) It has to be mostly transparent.
3) It has to be affordable and doable in my apt within the next month or so.

I thought maybe a thin piece of clear plastic with hot glue or even normal glue on both sides to make it look more like a portal and less like a piece of plastic, but I'd welcome any other suggestions you guys would have.

Also any tips on how to create a convincing webway portal would be appreciated (ie the surrounding scene, pillars, eldar artifacts, ruins, etc).


P.S. This isn't all I have planned for the base, there's other stuff involving my Kroot detachment etc. but I already have all that figured out, so you'll have to wait for its completion to find out what it is... :D
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Re: Building a webway portal

Postby OtherGary » Wed Jun 15, 2005 3:36 am

See if your local art supplies store stocks transparent, textured plasticard. I remember Pearl Paint here in NYC sold plasticard in stone, bricks, and wavy textures in both opague and clear sheets.
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Re: Building a webway portal

Postby The Gunslinger » Wed Jun 15, 2005 4:36 am

what if you green stuff some blue-n-white fire-ish energy stuff around the clear plasticard?

Would you really sacrifice a wraithlord for the base? That's expensive. Why not a guardian or two with a wraithlord just about to enter
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Re: Building a webway portal

Postby savaughn » Wed Jun 15, 2005 5:18 am

Vinnie - what about HirstArts blocks? Not sure exactly what you have in mind for your web portal, but if plasticard won't get you there, take a look at something like the Station Builder mold from Hirst. Not that expensive, but it'll be heavier than plasticard.
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Re: Building a webway portal

Postby -Dracon El Ttaes » Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:41 am

I think that what really "sells" the idea of a portal isn't the shimmery stuff in the middle, it's the arcane machinery and runes that are creating the portal.

For the arcane machinery, you might want to make either a single large base sized piece that forms a partial circle (think Stargate here) with various Eldar-ish runes and the like on it. Alternately, you might have a couple of smaller pieces that are supposed to be "projectors" so that they stand off a little bit and open the portal. Same idea as before, only two smaller pieces. I seem to remember seeing some hooked Eldar-like pieces on some local terrain boards. They look kind of like the rods that stick up on the Wraithlord or the Eldar Titans.

For the shimmery stuff, you might want to try some clear plastic and put some white glue on it. As it dries, blow on it a little to put waves on it. It should dry clear but have little ripples in it.

As far as the Wraithlord goes, probably the easiest bet would be to have one leg extended through the portal, as if it were striding through.

This sounds pretty cool, I'd like to see pics when you get it done
-Dracon El Ttaes
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