New plague marine army

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New plague marine army

Postby -Fifth knight » Thu Jun 16, 2005 3:23 pm

some four weeks ago i started painting some old chaos space marines i had lying around.I incidently painted the first one rotting flesh over a skull white undercoat, with black horns/hydraulics/arms, and boltgun metal banding.His bolter i painted boltgun and red gore.
Then i "drybrushed" him to make him look soaked in blood.
I also converted him to make him have a long bone spike standing out of a chopped of hand(Used an orc arm and a sprue bit for this.)The result was a really good looking marine, the best i ever had done!...Then i painted seven more, 3 of these converted weapons(Flail, one-hand-scyte, slayers axe, orc knife in space marine hand.)

After painting this admirable(by my standards) squad, i also finished a chaos rhino, with slime made after learning from Chrisitan Byrne of WD.

Next up in my army are more marines, converted Lord, Converted Dread, and a predator(Yeah, converted:D ).

Will try to get pics of these buggars soon.
-Fifth knight
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