Airbrush help please

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Airbrush help please

Postby -Jedfordski » Fri Jun 10, 2005 11:04 pm

Hi guys,

I'm thinking of buying myself an airbrush and compressor. I've found a fairly cheap compressor for about 50ish and have maybe up to 50 to put towards an airbrush.

Anyone know any good sites that have equipment reviews? Or can anyone recommend any particular models?
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Re: Airbrush help please

Postby -poffypoffa » Sat Jun 11, 2005 4:13 am

The Testors/Astec airbrushes are far and away the simplest to use and to clean, and I highly recommend them. Within your price range look for a double action model, and possibly a regulator for your compressor. The cheaper ones are a polymer/plastic, but they're pretty rugged and work quite well. Unlike other airbrushes, the paint is mixed in the nozzle, so the only thing you ever have to really clean is the nozzle.

I had a Paasche, and it was a giant pain in the ass to use
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