New Empire Army

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New Empire Army

Postby -the black prince » Sat Sep 29, 2007 2:27 pm

Phew! Now that the 40K gt is over it's back to fantasy, and having looked through my figures (dwarves not having arrived yet) getting excited about empire.....

I'd love to do something like Ronen's city-plaza style army, with cobble bases - it's a simple and effective way of making an army look unique.

But it's been done - not least by ronen - so was trying to think of other ideas. I had a look at the herdstone's swamp army and thought of trying something like this.

But still thinking through what idea's conversions would follow on from the basing theme. I'm still very drawn to the city scape idea. Will come back when I've got more ideas.
-the black prince
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