Old man beats up thug

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Re: Old man beats up thug

Postby The Gunslinger » Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:27 pm

I was told about this video, it's variants & follow up interviews. Turns out that the old guy "Vietnam Tom" aka "Tom Slick from Chicago, Illinois" is a bit crazy. And the black guy (Michael) is actually 50 yrs old. Supposedly they interviewed Michael on a radio show and got this info. He apologized to all vets and for his behavior. He said he was a bit drunk but totally believes that Epic Beard Man was racist. Looking at a few interviews with Tom Slick a few days afterwards, he is a bit troubled but people are touting him as a hero for standing up to the black guy, even though he walked away first and only punched him after the black guy hit/smacked him.

People are egging Tom Slick on though. He's convinced that Michael was a murderer that was on parol. That he showed Tom a knife. That the woman recording the whole thing is Michael's fiance. All untrue, apparently. And at least 1 interviewer convinced Tom to meet Michael again for a fight. Sounds like it's some sort of show or gimmick that pits two people that have a grudge at each other with boxing gear. Can't remember the name.

Check out a few videos on YouTube that are related to this. It's awesome at first, but people are really making too big of a deal about this, or at least they shouldn't be egging Tom on. He was wound up too tightly in Vietnam. He said so himself.
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