The New Yorker weighs in on Wii...

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Re: The New Yorker weighs in on Wii...

Postby -Papa Gino » Tue Nov 28, 2006 11:37 pm

Walmart doesn't live and die by your paying for a pack of gum, but I don't think you'd be shoplifting that, would you?

(I'll ignore most of your extremely rude post on the grounds that... I don't know... but I'll give it to you. Dont let it happen again or you'll be subjected to my extensive four-letter vocabulary. I'm trying to remain civil, you see?)

Your magnaminity is truly humbling. Please allow me to kiss your pinky ring in supplication. Heaven forfend you should use those four-letter words that can damage my fragile psyche so.

It ain't shoplifting if Walmart sticks a bin of gum outside the store with the sign "take some, and tell your friends about us." Which is what the New Yorker did with this particular article - unlike about 50% of its content, which it does keep under lock and key from non-subs.
-Papa Gino
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Re: The New Yorker weighs in on Wii...

Postby VectorAWX3 » Tue Nov 28, 2006 11:46 pm

You're welcome. And don't kiss my ring. That's how germs are spread.

Anyway, cause I'm a pain in the ass, I went to the New Yorker to find this article... and guess what... I couldn't.

Do you know what I DID find? TONS of adverts EVERYWHERE. Guess what? They make money by my looking at the adverts (hits) and even MORE money by my occasionally clicking on the adverts for broadway shows, colleges, cars, etc. They didn't make dick-hair for my reading the article on the WM boards.

Post a link for the page containing the article. Even though I couldn't find it, I'd bet good money there's an advert or three on that page somewhere!

But it's alright, cause you've already decided that the money they make from our clicks are not worth their time. Keep defending your actions. It's working. Really. :rolleyes
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