Gotrek/Felix Series Any Good?

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Gotrek/Felix Series Any Good?

Postby Ancow » Tue Sep 26, 2006 11:22 am

So for the P&P club at my school, I elected to break our streak of WAY TOO MUCH EBERRON, and threw my school gaming group into a year-long very awesome Warhammer Fantasy RPG campaign (sorry Joe). I did random chargen and my room mate got blessed with a Dwarf Trollslayer. Since he's making a big deal out of RPing this until the glorious end, he was contemplating picking up some of the Slayer series to get a better feel for the character (who in the span of 1.5 games has managed to baffingly take out 3 black orcs, and a black orc boss :x ). Has anyone read it? Is the series any good?
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Re: Gotrek/Felix Series Any Good?

Postby -Papa Gino » Tue Sep 26, 2006 5:36 pm

I've actually read the entire series. I enjoyed the first two (Trollslayer/Skavenslayer) - some of the humour was spot on (especially in Skavenslayer), and there actually _was_ character development/atmosphere/etc. Then the series gets progressively worse, even as the violence escalates. The last one or two books is something of a rebound, but still not as good as the first two (in my opinion).

If I were your friend, I'd read Trollslayer/Skavenslayer and then tentatively proceed with the expectation of deteriorating standards.
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