2500 WHFB Tournament: Outisde the Box Games!

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2500 WHFB Tournament: Outisde the Box Games!

Postby mastermoulder » Mon Aug 06, 2012 9:55 am

Saturday August 11th @ Outside the Box Games

26 Slots available
2500 Points
3 Rounds
$15.00 Entry Fee
Registration is at 10:30am
Round 1 is at 11:15am

First place Prize will be $200.00 in credit as well as other prizes for the following places.


All players should have copies of their army lists available for the store and for themselves as well as all tools needed to play the game.

Only restrictions for constructing an army are No Teclis, Thorek, Fateweaver, or Folding Fortress.
(Fantasy is a great game we dont need to ruin it by making up a million and one different rules to change it. Its a fun solid game. Bring what you want!!!)

Other Special Characters are allowed with the expetion of the above

Armies do not have to be painted but there will be a painting award.

Hope to see everyone there!
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