"Dragon Isle" Fantasy Campaign

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"Dragon Isle" Fantasy Campaign

Postby -Galladorn » Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:33 pm

On Saturday, 2 of my friends and myself began a Fantasy Campaign based mostly upon the Games Mastered campaign rules in the General's Compendium. The rules and charts were modified to make it easier to play the game without a games master. The Name of the Campaign is "Dragon Isle" and takes place on one of the islands to the south of where the chaos dwarves reside, Imperial calender 2240. We Each started off with one capitol and 2 supply centers, and 4000 points to spend how we saw fit.
The map is roughly in the shape of a dragon's tooth, contains a mountain range in the middle of the map, and a large stream drawn from the center to the east side of the Island (some pics will be posted soon). The pieces from the Mighty Empires game are used to represent the cities, supply centers etc. The rivers and streams on this Island are much more treacherous than the rest of the world, so in addition to the movement penalty for crossing them, there is a chart for each one to see if you lose any points from your banners attempting to cross (avalanches and strong currents). Now the really interesting part of this campaign is that on the island are 3 Emperor Dragons. They live quite peacefully, hoarding supply points in the mountains, they will not attack, but will defend. The Forge World rules were used for the dragons. Also, in the center of the map, is a tribe of Ogres. They have a large standing army, a supply center, and alot of supply points up for grabs.
The Orcs and Goblins, High Elves, and my Empire were the players involved.
We played one full year worth of campaign turns, which resulted in one thousand point skirmish between the high elves and the orcs and goblins. The Gobbos won with a Massacre. Mostly there was alot of maneuvering, building and non-commital attacks because as we all know in three player games, when 2 players fight, the 3rd will win. My Empire took on a dragon, and shot it to pieces with their cannons with some EXTREMELY lucky shots. Resulting in a whopping 2 supply points earned.
The night ended with the high elves and gobbos colliding with armies that I estimate are around 3-4k each.
It was a great night of gaming, and I cannot wait to play again in a few weeks.

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