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Warmonger Tourney Report - Compleat

PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:58 pm
by AndyP
Warmonger Tournament Report (December 16th, 2006)

Given that I was going to be in New York for the week, I was very happy to hear that the Warmongers were running one of their one-day events the day after I arrived. Although they kindly offered me the loan of an army, I decided to bring my own chaos army over I am still quite proud of the paintjob so wanted to show it off. It meant I had to make do with no hand luggage, but having flown with armies quite a bit, Im used to that now :)

My 2250 point list was slightly changed from the list I used at the WPS GT in November. There I discovered that I didnt really have enough speed to attack my opponent if they didnt want to come to me. To this end, I dropped my exalted champion and replaced him with a chariot. This gave me another speedy element that could defend my flanks whilst I advanced and also make my centre a bit weaker, hopefully enticing people to come to me a bit more.

My list was:

Mr Choppy the Chaos Lord
Mounted BSB with magic book
Mounted Level 2 Wizard

15 Regular Warriors
11 Chosen Warriors
5 Chosen Knights (booo, hiss)
2 Warrior Chariots
5 Doggies

2x 5/5 Beastherd
5 Furies

That Fecking Hellcannon

Game One Vs Nidals Seaguard

Nidal was my first ever American Warhammer opponent, back in 2003. Weve played about once a year since then, our last meeting being a very close draw in January. Naturally, Nidal grudged me for the first game of this event. Nidal took a seaguard list with a difference. With no Sealord, there was none of this turn-zero shooting malarkey. He had a level 4 general and a level 2 as his only heros, three units of 19 seaguard, one unit of ten, two units of shadow warriors and two merwyrms. With seer on his lord allowing him to choose the nasty metal spells that would hurt me most, and carrying both of the rings I was up against quite a magical and shooting barrage. Nidals list is definitely one that works a lot better on the field than it looks on paper.

The scenario involved trying to take and hold four historical landmarks, two each on either side of the table. Figuring that Id be the one doing the advancing, I thought that this would favour my army. I set up with my meatshields and terrain protecting my important troops. My intention was to take out the wyrms as soon as possible and get my chaos warriors and knights into combat with those juicy elves as soon as possible.

My conservative setup meant that I weathered the first turn with minimal casualties and was able to start my advance. Obviously my magic was useless against the high elves, but my shooting was quite potent. One look out sir! later and the level 4 elf was nothing more than a red stain on the floor, along with some seaguard that were unlucky enough to be in the same unit. That Fecking Hellcannon strikes again. Later on, the hellcannon would also pick out the level 2 high elf mage, who was skulking around too close to the edge of a wood.

With such a huge loss (~700 points) in turn one, Nidal was on the back foot and was forced to be more aggressive if he wanted to get the game back. He charged both of his wyrms to clear out my beastherds, allowing his some shooting on my warriors blocks and chariots. With their high toughness and save, the chariots laughed at the bowfire, but my chosen warriors armour seemed to be made of paper and they started falling. In response, I charged my chosen knights into one wyrm and both chariots into another (hoping to break through into the soft elves behind).

The Worst Chosen Knights in the World (TM) scored about one hit, that failed to wound. In return, the wyrm ate two knights, meaning I won on my musician. The wrym broke and ran, getting away from the knights. It then failed to rally and ran some more, running again when the knights charged it again. It was just on the edge of the table when it failed another rally test and ran off. Soon after that we remembered that Nidals landmark allowed him to re-roll rally tests, so the wyrm came back on. It laughed off another charge from the knights, eating one this time and autobreaking them. A volley from some shadow warriors caused another wound on the Worst Chosen Knights in the World, meaning that the sole survivor couldnt rally.

On the other flank, the chariots caused a couple of wounds to the wyrm, and took some in return. The wyrm easily held, meaning that one of my chariots was now flank-charged by the unit of seaguard that had held the level 4. I lost the combat (obviously), but only one of the chariots broke, leaving one in contact with the wyrm and the elves. A rear charge from my regular chaos warriors with BSB saw off the elves and the wyrm.

After this stroke of luck (I am under no illusions as to who was the luckier during this game), it was just a case of clearing up. The chosen warriors and lord eventually met up with the elves who had been shooting them and chewed the unit up. The BSB and surviving chariot took out the final big unit of seaguard. I managed to capture three of the four objectives too, giving me an 18 out of 20 win.

As always, Nidal was great fun to play, getting max sports and comp from me. Maybe his elves will be a bit luckier when they have all their arms glued on though :)

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 11:19 pm
by VectorAWX3
Minor corrections: 2 units of seaguard had 20, one had 19. (full commands in all)

And you have to flesh out that combat between the Wyrm which held the double-chariot charge, the flanking seaguard, and the two chariots. One chariot was down to 1 wound, the other was at full strength. The wyrm, WS6, S5, had to put a single wound on the wounded chariot to autobreak the other and win the combat. 5 to-hit rolls later: 1,1,2,2,5. 1 wound roll later: 2. :x NOT autobreaking that chariot cost me an ass-charge from a chaos warrior unit, killing off a 375 point unit of elves (plus a 100 point banner) and a 200 point wyrm. :x :x :x

Still fun, though. :)

(oh, and when my wyrm on the flank charged those beastment to save my shadow warriors, I forgot to roll my extra frenzy attack which I'm sure would have saved my last shadow-warrior, earning me a 2160 point loss instead of a 2195.5 point loss). :x

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 11:34 pm
by AndyP
Game Two Vs Brians Wood Elves

Brian had a version of the industry-standard wood elf list with a Level 4, BSB and Alter, along with a Wardancer Noble. Troop-wise he has one unit of archers, eternal guard, two units of dryads, wild riders, glade riders, wardancers, treekin, treeman, eagle.

The scenario involved all units with move 7+ to start the game in reserve, meaning that I had very little to deploy. Also these units were worth double victory points, making a lot of my army very expensive indeed. Worse was the fact that I had no magic defense until turn two. Thankfully I won the roll off for first turn, meaning I only had to weather one turn of the magic.

With half of both of our armies missing from the table, the game started slowly, with us both maneuvering for position and waiting for our fast reserves. I lost quite a bit of time when my Ld9 re-roll chosen warriors and lord failed a panic test from shooting and stalled my entire advance.

Brian was the first to make a move. His treekin, dryads and eagle charged my regular warriors standing on a hill, whilst his wardancers moved into a flanking position, taunting my chariot that had been immobilized with the beast cowers. Thanks to the higher ground bonus though, my warriors won on the musician and the eagle and treekin broke, leaving a conga-line of dryads as the only combatants. The next round the dryads easily broke and were run down.

In revenge the wardancers charged the flank of the warriors who just managed to flee far enough to escape being run down. In a critical miscast, Brian rolled three ones for the beat cowers spell, meaning that even with his ability to re-roll one dice he would still fail. With a yee-haaa, the chariot crashed into the wardancers and managed a single wound. Bollocks. Over the course of the rest of the game, the chariot eventually managed to break the dancers and even though they got away, they didnt rally.

On my right flank a game of tit-for-tat was occurring. Brians Alter took out my furies, so my chariot took out his glade riders. The alter then took out the chariot so my knights took out the alter. With everything being worth double victory points we both racked up quite a lot of points here.

On my right flank, That Fecking Hellcannon had its crew killed by a dryad unit and then proceeded to much its way through one of my beastherds. Easy come, easy go.

In the centre, nothing really could get to grips, given that both of our main units had fled earlier in the game (mine from a panic test, Brians eternal guard from a hellcannon shot). In my final turn, I took a gamble. My lord and BSB blasted through the archer unit so that my lord could hit the wounded treeman behind (wounded from a fireball). I sacrificed my below-half strength warriors to protect the lord from any wood elf support coming to help the big tree. The gamble paid off and I was able to bring the tree below half wounds without going below half myself.

With that the game was over. The last turn had swung the game from a winning draw in Brians favour to one in mine, but a draw it was nevertheless. With neither of us scoring any bonus points, it was a 10-10 draw. A good game, with lots of tactical shenanigans going on.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2006 11:46 pm
by AndyP
NOT autobreaking that chariot cost me an ass-charge from a chaos warrior unit, killing off a 375 point unit of elves (plus a 100 point banner) and a 200 point wyrm.

I'm sure you're just saving up all your luck for that one game where you'll not fail a single roll at all. I'll freely admit my good luck to anyone.

Andy P

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:09 am
by VectorAWX3
I'm saving it ALL for you, game 5 of the GT of your choice. :evil

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 6:23 am
by AndyP
Game Three Vs Davids Night Goblins

I was slightly outnumbered, to say the least. Davids army spread out across the board. He had a goblin warboss, BSB and two shamen leading a massive horde of night goblins. Excuse me if I cant remember it all, but he had two units of 49 goblins (fifty strong units look excellent on the battlefield btw), 4 units of 36 or so, two units of 25-ish, some squig hoppers, a squig herd, two chukkas, a doom diver and I think that may have been it. In true night goblin style, Davids units and characters had loads of little tricks ready to catch me out. Not being familiar with the new OnG book, they literally were suprises.

Knowing that Id never get anywhere if I didnt kill the big units with characters, I deployed centrally with a mind to take out the support units first, then smash the centre. Even with his characters around, I was very confident that any of my big three units could take anything he had to offer. After all, thats what chaos warriors should do.

I probably made a mistake in my first turn, firing my hellcannon right into the middle of his warboss unit. I duly killed 14 of the little blighters in a single shot (not that that makes a difference to the units combat effectiveness), and the unit passed its panic and leadership tests. In hindsight, Im glad the unit did pass as if it had failed then it would probably have rallied in a position where our two armies would not engage properly. If the unit had ran from the board then it would have made for a very dull game. I think what I should have done was try to get some of the flanking units fleeing, speeding up my attack. After this one shot, the hellcannon suffered a double stompy-magic attack, with a maximum 12 hits. The crew perished, leaving the cannon to chase squig hoppers, fanatics and small goblin units all game.

My furies did their job of warmachine hunting, taking out the doom diver (who had killed two knights) and one of the chukkas. My beastherds and warhounds did their expendable thing and released all the fanatics far away from anything important. Any fanatics that got too close to my lines got fireballed. After surviving the trigger of two fanatics, one beastherd went on a shaman-assassination mission. The night goblin nets saved the little wizard though and he escaped with a wound remaining. What we didnt anticipate though was the beastherd sticking around for three more rounds of combat! Even when another goblin unit charged into the fray. The nearby BSB helping them to pass multiple break tests. This gave the herd time to finish the job on the shaman and also allowed a chariot to rolling and clear out one of the goblin units.

With everything so bunched up on the goblin flank, the knights were able to sweep in after that and clear out any serious opposition.

In the centre, a roll of 6 for animosity, followed by 6 movement caused his warboss unit to come within range of my lords warrior unit. This forced Davids hand and he had to charge me or be charged himself, the other large goblin unit went into my depleted chosen unit. The violence that followed was unpleasant to say the least. Between these two fights, about 20 goblins died, for no losses to the chaos units. It was horrible carnage. Even with the nets hampering the chosen warriors, they were killing a goblin each. Both goblin units ran and were cut down. My lords unit went into the goblin unit containing the BSB and the chosen warriors went into another of the 36-strong units. Both of these units disappeared in a storm of blood too. With the loss of over 200 models in a single game turn, David only had two functioning support units left and called it a day.

There was really nothing David could do, with my rampaging hellcannon securing one flank and the unbreakable beastherd holding another, he was unable to use his numbers to envelop me. With the animosity test forcing him to charge or be charged, it was a suicide mission from there on. As with all my opponents, David took my good fortune with good humour and was a pleasure to play against.


Given that only one person had gone away with three wins, I was confident of finishing in the top three. I was genuinely shocked though when it worked out that my painting, sports and comp scores dragged my sorry ass into the number one spot. I was even more shocked when Andy S (running the event) announced that there was a super-secret-special-prize, one of the brand new Empire army box-sets! Just what my soon-to-be-revisited Empire army needs. Now I just have to figure out a way to get it home. Boy, am I glad that I decided to bring my own army over.

Obviously a special thanks has to go to Andy for running the tournament and the Compleat Strategist store (11 East 33 Street) for hosting the event. A very well run and enjoyable tournament. Big thanks too to my opponents and everyone I met over the day. I also hope those who went out on Saturday night didnt have as big a hangover as I did on Sunday.

As always, I hope youve enjoyed reading.

Andy P

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 7:02 am
by -HiredgoonThug
Woo hoo! You deserved that first place, ven if I hate Chaos more than Dwarves

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 7:38 am
by -Jarrett
Another good 'un Andy.

I spent most of yesterday HURT-ING and actually got another game in at my place. I combi charged a maneater unit + tyrant + butchers with saurus, scar vet, and oldblood as a direct result of the brain damage from Saturday night. Suffice it to say Ogres ate lizard on a stick... |I