Auction at Showcase Comics Oct. 30th, first 269 lots

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Auction at Showcase Comics Oct. 30th, first 269 lots

Postby mikeatshowcase » Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:42 pm

This will be our last auction of the year, October 30th, Sunday, at Showcase Comics in the Granite Run Mall, Media Pa.

Preview at 11:00am, and bidding starts at noon. It usually takes about 5 hours to go through 400 items, and we finish up about 5pm.

Lots of bargains, from finished models and units to new stuff still in the box. Always lots of bitz bags, unfinished projects, OOP models, and anything someone feels like cleaning out of their Gaming Room.

Complete listings at:

The first 200 or so items have been cataloged, with more coming in every day.

Note that this is a live auction. We can't take bids over the internet or in absentee.

The first set of listings is below. If possible, I'll keep it updated, but the list on the website is always the best place to check.

Lot Number Item Description
1 Forge World Imperial Etched Brass sheet
2 Dark Elf Boltthrower and bits
3 old model Skaven Warp Lightning cannon, unpainted
4 non GW Demon Prince
5 6 Tomb King snake riders
6 Warhammer Limited Edtion Template Set
7 5 npainted vintage dark eldar scourges
8 Chaos Space Marines on Sprues
9 Npainted Dragon Ogre Shagoth
10 5 npainted dark eldar vintage jetbikes
11 5 painted vintage flesh hounds of Khorne
12 unpainted Tomb King skeletons
13 7 unpainted Ork Deffkopters
14 Eldar Viper Jetbike on Sprue
15 Dark Eldar old wytch models
16 bag of tau drones, and bitz
17 united of partpainted Warmachine Satixis Wytches
18 box of Warmachine Satixis Wytches
19 Warmachine Memnoth Cavalry
20 5 unpainted Witchhunter Demonhunter Arcoflagellants
21 Epic Lemun Russ Tank Company in box
22 LOTR Sauron in box
23 Tau pathfinders with rail rifles, blister
24 new model Savage Orc Shaman on Warboar
25 BattleStar Galactica Boardgame and Expansion
26 10 new model incubi, primered
27 Chaos in the Old World boardgame
28 Runebound: Sands of AL-Kadim expansion
29 Last Night on Earth boardgame
30 LOTR: Captured by Gondor box
31 LOTR: Fall of the Witch King
32 LOTR: Minas Tirith Cavalry box, and banner blister
33 LOTR: Treebeard in box
34 LOTR: Heroes of Helms Deep
35 LOTR: Mordor Orcs box
36 LOTR: 2 evil blisters
37 LOTR: 3 Minas Tirith blisters
38 Elrond, GilGalad, Elendil, Isildur
39 2 WFB blisters,
40 Mordheim plastic building sprues
41 3 Chaos Spawn and extra bitz
42 30 painted beastman Ungors
43 Painted Beastlord
44 Painted wolves x5, non GW
45 Huge bag of fantasy game bitz
46 Large 40k Bitz Bag
47 FOW: 2x Panzer 3 L's, partpainted
48 4 trolls
49 3 Spawn
50 Resin Demon Wings
51 Mtd. Chaos Sorcerer
52 Skull and Bones decal sheets
53 Uncharted Seas Shroud Mage Cards
54 5 Npainted non-GW warhounds
55 metal minotaur
56 15mm Russian Naval Infantry HMG platoon
57 Partly built GW plastic Giant
58 Warriors of Chaos Army Book
59 Cadians (16) in box
60 WM: Khador Battlegroup box
61 Dark Elf Warriors on sprue
62 Space Marine sprues
63 bitz from Giant kit on sprue
64 Tomb King bitz
65 Empire Great Cannon on sprue
66 High Elf Chariot on sprue
67 plastic Warcaster Coleman Stryker and Cygnar Warjack
68 HUGE! Box of Imperial vehicle sprues and other bitz
69 Snotlings
70 plastic night goblins
71 big bag of old metal savage orcs and other orc models
72 Plastic Dark Elf Sorceress on sprue
73 Plastic warmaster chaos models
74 bag of chaos knights
75 older plastic chaos warriors, primered
76 Dark Eldar Azdrubel Vect Raider kit
77 plastic marauder horsemen with flails, unprimered
78 plastic marauder horsemen with throwing spears, primered
79 4 very old metal minotaurs, painted
80 Gorbad Ironjaw, orc warlord, partpainted
81 4 metal ork burner boyz, painted
82 Chaos Chariot conversion
83 box of old model Dark Eldar wytches
84 box of old model Dark Eldar wytches
85 painted Lemun Russ battle tank
86 painted Lemun Russ battle tank
87 Moria Goblins and Wargs on Sprue
88 bitz bag, lightning claws and imperial bitz
89 plastic balrog wings
90 Bag of Plastic Cold ones
91 metal orc savage orc shaman
92 Bag of metal wings
93 5 heads from Krootox
94 Vampire lord on winged horror unpainted
95 Bitz Bag, Chaos vehicle and IG
96 big bag of unpainted skaven from starter set
97 lots of chains from old Dark Eldar jetbikes
98 20 unpainted goblin spider riders
99 3 plastic trolls from Warhammer starter box
100 10 unpainted goblins spider riders on sprue
101 Warmachine Satixis Blood Wytches
102 Black Templar sprues and vehicle upgrades
103 Bag of 3 Dark Angel Bikes on sprue
104 Cryx models: Skarre, Eskarre, mechanithralls
105 plastic skaven Warplightning cannon on sprue
106 new Savage orc shaman on warboar blister
107 painted Empire spearmen
108 Large bag of vintage fantasy orcs
109 Ork Warboss Ghazgkul Thraka in power armor, old model
110 metal parts for Sisters of Battle Exorcist
111 Wood Elf Glade Riders on Sprue
112 box of Bretonnian knights, partially off sprues
113 Wood Elf Glade Riders on Sprue
114 Vnicely painted Empire elector count on Griffin
115 2 skaven ratling guns
116 crazy looking robots, like miniature killer kanz
117 metal Beastman Minotaur Lord
118 mntd necromancer on winged horror / hellsteed unpainted
119 painted metal goblins with great weapons
120 partpainted empire handgunners
121 11 npainted genestealers
122 10 unpainted genestealers
123 15 npainted metal termagaunts
124 vintage biovore and spore mines, unpainted
125 Vintage tyranids, plastic warriors x2, gaunts with spike rifle
126 Vintage Hive Tyrant, partpainted
127 2 Screamer Killers, partpainted
128 3 vintage metal nid warriors, 3x vnpainted, 1 partpainted
129 5 vnpainted original tyranid warriors
130 Primered termagaunts and hormagaunts
131 vnpainted vintage zoanthrope
132 3 metal lictors, partpainted
133 ork boyz and bitz
134 ork Kommandos, unpainted
135 Sly Marbo and catchan Hvy flamer blisters
136 Crocodile Garmes Spartan Blister Box
137 2 unpainted ork wartracks
138 Asault marine bitz on sprue
139 Big bag of plastic skaven bitz
140 Painted plastic skaven
141 Primered plastic skeletons
142 Metal Skaven models, some vintage
143 Sci fi infantry models, metal, in greatcoats, x10
144 Wood Elf Queen Ariel, partpainted
145 misc. Dogs of War bitz
146 Tau models and bitz
147 misc small scale miniatures
148 metal ork killer kanz
149 Khorne berzerker bitz
150 Archeon, lord of chaos, partpainted
151 Chaos Vehicle spikey bitz
152 Space marine and assorted bitz
153 Bretonnian bitz
154 Shadow Forge dark temple blister packs x10
155 Metal Rat Ogre blister
156 2 vintage zoanthropes and tyrant guard
157 Leman Russ Demolisher Sponson Bitz
158 Dogs of War Mercenary General, npainted
159 2 harpies
160 Inquisition 54mm Eldar Ranger and bitz
161 Mixed bag of Orks
162 Ork Deathroller Upgrade Sprue
163 Games Day Space Wolf model
164 Big bag of mixed Dogs of War models
165 40k Ork boyz in box
166 Skaven Plauge monks in box
167 Chaos Bikes x2 in box
168 Inquisition 54mm Daemon Host in box
169 Inquisition 54mm Daemon Host in box
170 Inquisitor Damien 1427 in box
171 Eureka Miniatures Toad Knights x 2 packs
172 Painted Pink Horrors x10
173 Metal ork Deff Dread, partpainted
174 Vnpainted vintage Space Marine captain with powerfist
175 Big Bag of Ork vehicle bitz and weapons
176 Familiars and Imps
177 3 npainted dwarf slayers
178 Bag of Painted Ork boyz
179 Large box of OOP GW books, BFG, CAV, other games
180 2 Chaos Rhinos on sprue plus lots of chaos vehicle bitz
181 5 eldar jetbikes on sprue
182 big bag of metal and plastic eldar bitz
183 Eldar support weapon
184 Emperor's Children Forgeworld Landraider Doors
185 3 boxes prepainted DnD models from Holistic
186 10 vintage Storm Trooper models
187 Bag of Tau Drones
188 Warmachine Memnoth Warjack
189 IG Ratlings x9, partpainted
190 FOW: Panzergrenadier unit with halftracks unpainted
191 FOW: German Infantry
192 Kroot on sprue
193 Tau Sprues and bitz
194 Empty GW doublesized figure case
195 Warmachine Iron Fang Uhlan blister
196 4 Painted Khador Iron Fang Uhlans
197 Lotr Faramir, Haldir, Gimli, and rangers
198 Lotr Men of Gondor
199 Lotr Sauron Lurtz Ringwraiths and orcs
200 Lotr Men of Gondor
201 Lotr Gondor Trebuchet
202 Lotr Boltthrower
203 Tau Fire Warriors
204 Tau Fire Warriors
205 2 painted FOW German pak 38 teams
206 Gretchin
207 Big bag of Space Marines
208 4 ogre bulls, partpainted
209 Biovore, unpainted
210 Tau Battlesuit, unbuilt
211 Limited Edition Space Marine SGT.
212 Chaos Demon Codex
213 Apocalypse 40k Rulebook
214 Apocalypse 40k Rulebook
215 Imperial Armor Apocalypse Vol. 1
216 Avatars of War: Deathmatch book
217 Secret Weapon bases and display plinth
218 Partially completed Carnifex
219 Dark Elf boltthrower and bitz
220 Metal Space Marine Veteran Sgts.
221 Games Day 2010 Chaos Sorcerer
222 Games Day 2009 Chaos Champion
223 FW Limited Edition Ork Sqwadron Kommander
224 40k Zoat brood (Rouge Trader era models)
225 Huge bag of biovores and spore mines
226 Vnpainted Forgeworld Tyranid Mycetic Spores
227 Orc Catapult
228 Metal Beastman Minotaur Lord
229 metal khorne berzerkers
230 Tyranid weapon bitz
231 Vnpainted Carnifex brood of 3 original metal screamer killers
232 Gaunt bitz
233 Vnpainted Tyranid Genestealers
234 Vnpainted original Hive Tyrant
235 Vnpainted original Hive Tyrant
236 3 Vnpainted Tyranid Lictors, original metal models
237 Vnpainted Genestealers
238 Tyranid Bitz bag
239 5 Vnpainted original plastic tyranid warriors
240 Npainted Hormaguants
241 VNP Tyranid Hormaguants
242 VNP Tyranid Termagaunts
243 unpainted Termaguants
244 painted hormagaunts
245 painted and unpainted Termagaunts
246 Munchkin Quest 1, 2, 3 and promo bitz
247 old Orc and Goblin Battleforc
248 Chaos Possessed in box
249 Huon Blackheart
250 5x CSM terminators, unprimered
251 CSM Havocs
252 Khorne berzerker metal heads and chainaxes
253 FW: Deathguard conversion kit
254 Njal Stormcaller, new model
255 Bag of 10 CSM raptors
256 Space Marine medic
257 Inquisition henchman, (bearded with executiner) x5
258 Chaos Marine squad
259 5 Chaos possessed
260 Cadian Officers x2
261 FW: Cadian officer and 2 spotlights
262 Lillith Hesperax, new model
263 Metal Screamer Killer Carnifex
264 5 Space Marine scouts with sniper rifles
265 Chaos Vehicle bitz
266 Grey Knight bitz, FW brass bitz
267 Painted Khorne Berzerkers squad
268 Space Marine and FW: Red Scorpian bitz
269 Bitz Containers
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