The East Coast Rumble at the 2011 Mechanicon

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The East Coast Rumble at the 2011 Mechanicon

Postby mastermoulder » Thu Aug 18, 2011 11:02 am

Schedule for Warmachine Events for the 2011 Mechanicon GT

November 4th:
6pm-12am Open Arena
6pm-12pm 35pt Highlander; 32 slots
November 5th:
9am-2pm Round 1 East Coast Rumble 40 slots; 50pts
2pm-3pm Painting Challenge
3pm-8pm Round 2 East Coast Rumble Top 18 Slots from Round 1; 50pts
3pm-6pm 35pt Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw; 20 Slots
9am-12pm Open Arena

November 6th:
9am-2pm Final Round East Coast Rumble Top 8 Slots from Round 2; 50pts
9am-2pm Warcaster Thunderdome
9am-2pm Open Arena

Event Rules:

For the East Coast Rumble I will use 2011 SR Tournament Packet at 50pts, Accelerated Time, Divide and Conquer with 3 lists for 4 games per round, each list must be used at least once per Round. Base Line Painting, Model/Unit Characters Restricted, Warcaster/Warlock Characters Restriction (Prime and Epic are the same character; you may only use them once in 3 lists). Baseline Final Standings with CP’s and SOS for Tie Breakers. We will also be using the Scenario(s) (x) rule. The first round is 40 slots, and the top 18 will advance to the 2nd Round. The top 8 will advance to the third round. For the final round, players have the option of playing different lists then in the previous 2 rounds. The 3rd day essentially starts over for the final eight players. If there are more players desiring to enter the East Coast Rumble after it’s filled, we will open more slots and readjust the allocated slots available for each round.

Warcaster Thunderdome is a 4-player format. Each player’s army consists of three Warcasters/Warlocks from the same faction. Each Warcaster/Warlock choice can only ever bring one Warjack/Beast model to the table. No Halfjacks, no Keg Carrier, only one Coven member, Goreshade has no feat, etc. Yes, this makes some casters a bad choice in the format. The Warcasters are considered to share a battlegroup. The field of play is 36″ on each side. Deployment zones are a 10″ bubble at each corner. There is a 12″ hill in the center of the board, and an 8″ impassable wall extends from the center of each edge toward the center of the board. Models cannot be healed and cannot regenerate power fields in any way. Once damage is inflicted, it cannot be removed. Warlocks use the mechanics for Focus instead of Fury– they gain their full Fury value at the start of the turn, and overcharge instead of transferring. Warcaster Thunderdome is intended to be a very fast format. While there are no timed turns per se, players should be punished with badgering and verbal abuse if they play slowly or waste time strategizing. Plan on your opponent’s turn– when it’s your go, GO! Each group will be paired off with 4 players, the winner of each pairing will be granted another game against the winners of the previous turn. This will continue until only one man leaves….

Mangled Metal, Tooth & Claw is a brutal clash between warjacks and warbeasts in which the only goal is survival. Such a battle proves a caster and his ’jacks and a warlock and his beasts are the equal of an entire army. Special rules: Each player is allowed only a single warcaster or warlock. Besides its one warcaster or warlock, each army can only include warjacks or warbeasts. Units and solos have no place in Mangled Metal, Tooth & Claw. Victory conditions: A player wins the game when he has the only remaining warcaster/warlock in play or when all his opponents’ warjacks/warbeasts have been wrecked/destroyed or removed from play. 4 Games, Kill Box scenario, 10 minute turns. Total opposing points destroyed will break ties for final standings.

Highlander Rules; Army MUST include:
1 Warcaster/Warlock
1 Unit (may include only one Unit Attachment –OR- Weapon Attachment)
1 Solo
Any remaining points may be spent on Warjacks/Warbeast.
No models can be duplicated in the army.
No character jacks/units are allowed.
Only models of your faction may be included in your list.
Scenarios used will be: Killing Field, Mosh Pit, No Man’s Land, Mutual Destruction
Tiebreakers for final standings will be determined by opposing points destroyed. Any models that are wild, inert, or fleeing at the end of the game will be counted as destroyed.

The Painting Challenge will be divided into 5 Categories; Casters, Warjacks/Beasts/War Engines, Solos, Units, and Dioramas. You must be a ticket holder to participate in these events. The top three finalists in each category will win awards. You may also enter your models in the Mechanicon GT Painting Competition; the Iron Ogre Painting Competition.

Open Arena is a platform that encourages friendly gaming, hopefully between two players that have never met. For each game that you play you receive a number of points that you may cash in at the end of the Convention to receive prizes and other cool items. For every game that you play that is 35pts, 50pts, 75pts or 100pts, each player will receive two points. You may only claim this point total once for each point level. I.E. If you play a game at each point level, you will have gained 8pts. If you play someone from another state, you will receive one additional point. Players that participate in these organized events; Mangled Metal, Highlander, and the Warcaster Thunderdome, will earn 4 points per event. Players that participate in the East Coast Rumble will earn 8 points per round. Players that participate in the Painting Challenge will receive 2 points. You are required to notify a Press Ganger or a Judge to give you credit for earning these points. Each player, unless in an organized event such as the East Coast Rumble, have an hour buffer between games for awarding Open Arena points. I.E., if you and another player play a game at 35pts, and it lasts 30 minutes, both players will have to wait a minimum of one hour to play another game in the Open Arena to gain points, even at another point level. However, you may jump on an organized event within that hour and gain points, like the Mangled Metal or the Warcaster Thunderdome. The hour buffer will begin again after the Organized Play Event.
Ticket Prices:

$40.00 gets you a ticket for all three days, access to all the events if there is space, and a reserved slot to the East Coast Rumble Main Event.

$30.00 gets you a ticket to all three days, access to all the events if there is space for three days.

$25.00 gets you a ticket to two days, access to all the events if there is space for two days.

$15.00 gets you a one day ticket, access to all events if there is space for one day.

Hotel information as well as the event information can be found at:

Lets get ready to RUMBLE!
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Re: The East Coast Rumble at the 2011 Mechanicon

Postby mastermoulder » Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:41 am

Hey gang,

this is a list of prize support that we have accumliated so far....and we are not done!

50 x Mini Promotional No Quarter Magazines
30 x PP Dice
50 x PP Bandanas
5 x PP Water Bottles
1 x SR Trophy Kit
4 x SR Certificate Kits
30 x Domination Poster (1 Signed by the staff)

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Re: The East Coast Rumble at the 2011 Mechanicon

Postby mastermoulder » Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:46 am

Make sure you sign up and get your beat down on!

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Re: The East Coast Rumble at the 2011 Mechanicon

Postby mastermoulder » Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:21 pm

The Master List on the Mechanicon site has been updated...I expect more players to sign up....we are getting help from Press Gangers and players from Baltimore and Virginia.

Go to the Privateer Press Boards under Official Games and Demos for Photos of the Prize Support.

See you there!

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Re: The East Coast Rumble at the 2011 Mechanicon

Postby mastermoulder » Mon Oct 31, 2011 9:44 am

Please review the follow link for the rules of the event, as some of the criteria has changed. Also, many questions have also been answered, so you can see some clarifications as well. ... ost1131723

Please bring copies of your army lists for each of the events that you play in!

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