Colossals Event at Maplewood Hobby 7/29/12

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Colossals Event at Maplewood Hobby 7/29/12

Postby mastermoulder » Sun Jul 22, 2012 6:59 pm

Hey gang,

this is a reminder for this upcoming Sunday's Colossal Event at Maplewood Hobby, 7/29/12! Along with the other prizes for this event, the overall winner wins credit for one Colossal/
Gargantuan! So this means if the one that you are waiting for is not available, the store will still honor the credit! No worries! There is only so many slots for the event, so if you are coming and want to reserve your slot, you can prepay by using this link:

Up to 2 Lists
Divide and Concur, Character Restrictions
$10.00 Entry Fee
Death Clock, CP Tie Breaker
10:00am Registration
1970 Springfield Ave Maplewood, NJ

There are Faction coins for Warmachine Factions, and an Overall Coin. These coins will be given for the best in faction; Overall Winner will receive Overall coin and Best in his faction. Hordes players can win overall coin. Prizes will still be given out as store credit.

Best Painted Army
Best Painted Mini
Smoking Boots
Iron Man
Fastest Caster Kill
Lottery Drawing ... &p=1509695

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