OETC and Army.

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OETC and Army.

Postby Crono » Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:31 pm

Hey guys,

Headed off to the OETC on wednesday and will be back monday fortnight.

I've also purchased a Cygnar army, so will be playing the rest of year with that. If it doesn't work out I'll sell it before heading back to Aus in December.

Keen for tournaments and events from October onwards when I'm back :)

Cheers and all the best

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Re: OETC and Army.

Postby Crono » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:22 pm

Hey guys.

Another brief update. Fantastic week in the UK and then Salzburg. Today the teams went fantastically.

Round 1. Kromac v eGaspy in command and control - v team Belgium.

Great hit and run win. 3-2 for the twam

Round 2 v Austria 1, pBalur v eDoomy on process of elimination, 4-1 win for the team.

Round 3 v Austria 2, pBaldur v ehaley tier 4 (3 huge based models. 3-2 win for the team.

Awesome day, 3 undefeated teams, AUS 1, AUS 2 and Germany 1!!
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