Welcome to Tournament: Winter '14

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Welcome to Tournament: Winter '14

Postby WickerNipple » Tue Dec 03, 2013 6:59 pm

The new Tournament is set up in the League Manager found here: http://bloodbowl.ziggyqubert.com/

You create new teams in the Warmonger league, per usual - but you must make sure to report your games in the Winter '14 Tournament.

A very important lesson we learned last season: Do Not Use Apostrophes In Team Names. The database is prickly.

Also, when you go to look up season statistics, etc, you will have to manually change the view to this tournament rather than just looking at the whole league which we all did by default last season because it was the only season to see. There's a drop down next to Display near the top left of the page(s). Change to Tournament ~ Winter 14.

As a heads up from last season:
the order games are reported in is utterly crucial to the software. We had a couple of fuckups last season where people did them in the wrong order or someone forgot to report a game and the opponent didn't notice. This required hours of time to fix. While I wasn't happy about it at the time, we certainly hadn't warned anybody about it cause we didn't realize it was a problem. It is.

Please, Please, Please report your games in the order they're played. This is especially important on days where a bunch of people get together on Saturday and play a whole lot in a row against a bunch of different people. Everyone has phones and tablets which work with this software, just pop up from the basement and report your games before playing another. Many of you do this already cause you use the software to level up and calculate team value - but everyone needs to start doing this.

Also, I want to change the official system of how we do reporting. Previously we asked one player to open a game and report their side, and the other opponent to log in and do theirs. Most everyone stopped doing this mid-season and just had one person do the reporting on both sides, but some of you kept at it cause we asked you to. Stop that - just have one person do it. You can decide amongst each other which makes most sense ~ usually it's who will report soonest. Also, if you've already played a game earlier that day that you'll be reporting later, you should go ahead and be the reporter for all your games, that way you know they'll be input in the correct order. But again, it's really best if you just take 5m of cell service and report after each game.

If you have any questions at all about the software, making teams, etc please let me know. There is a help page here as well.
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