Tactica Daemons / CSMs: 7th Ed

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Tactica Daemons / CSMs: 7th Ed

Postby deFl0 » Sun May 25, 2014 8:34 pm

Setting up threads to talk about the different armies in 7th.
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Re: Tactica Daemons / CSMs: 7th Ed

Postby deFl0 » Mon May 26, 2014 1:29 pm

Ok, So let's start with daemons.

Really in 6th the only versions that were competitive were screamer star and flying circus. So let's look at those.

Things that have changed:
- Flying monstrous creatures: Smash got nerfed. it is now one attack, which basically stops Daemon weapon craziness. In addition, flying monstrous creatures can't assault when they change their fly mode. Which means, you basically get a turn to blast them at full BS before they charge you. Vector strike also went form d3+1 to D3 but also went from AP3 to AP2. Jink got better and went to a 4+ cover save. Finally, FMCs only take one grounding test a turn. Psychic phase changed so you can use unlimited witch fires and still shoot weapons.

So what does that all mean? Well, HTH FMCs are considerably weaker and Shooty FMC just became way more resilient. Not mention the new Daemonology Malefic powers.

- Daemonology Malefic powers - Just blew this codex open. It's pretty easy to build a list with 30+ warp charges. Throwing 6 dice means you are getting off the power 2/3 of the times. So a list could easily be throwing an extra 50 or 60 bodies on the table a turn, that generate more dice! Basically, it's pretty game breaking. I expect all sorts of house rules around this, even though I kinda love the raw concept.

- Biomancy - Biomancy got a lot better. It's worth mentioning as Nurgle daemons might get more use now that smash is gone they are more viable. for one they are 2+ cover save when flying now if they jink. They might be one of the few hth FMCs to survive. GO GO Black Mace.

- Grimoire - interestingly might have gotten a little better now that you can stacked curse earth on top of it.

- Cavalry - So cav can go upstairs now. It's a smal tweak of the rules but a huge one. so hiding on the second floor from blood crushers. They are coming to get you!

- multiple force org - So it will be intersting to see how this pans out, but a big question will be if you can take more than one group of 4 heralds. In general it makes other versions of the daemon army work a lot better, on the flip side it exacerbates the warp dice spam issue. RAW, you can only take 4.

- soul grinders - got better just as all vehicles got better based on the changes to the penetration table. Tzeentch one add dice to the pool.

- Khorn dogs - these guys are good and fast and can have juggers int hem. Now imagine 6 units of them pressuring you turn 2. It's crazy enough to work!


- Vehicles across the board get better and more resilient. With smash nerfed, you might see more walker types. Unfortunately, the hell drake got even better... he's even harder to shoot out of the sky now.

- Scoring - So now everything scores. It's a big deal since no one really uses CSM troops other than cultists. Also dedicated vehicle count as the troops they were bought for. So rhinos for a troop count as having objective secured. This is a big blow to CSMs. They simply can compete with other armies in the spam vehicle race.

- Be'Lakor - A special mention this guy since Invisibility is most awesomest now. Table in general became more defensive. Shrouding is a good pick up as well. You will see this guy get played. If nothing else to protect, summoning batteries.

- K sons - So the asipiring champion is a sorcerer. So you do pick up a warp charge from him.

- Ariman - He's now a less special snow flake. Now everyone can spam psychic witch fires. Whomp Whomp...

- Typhus picks up a free spell.

- CSM librarians can now take an entire lore. Not that they are great, but it's an option.

- Promethium Pipe Relays - So I think we will start to see some formations and more fortifications. So I'll give a small shout out to doom sirens and promethium pipe relays. Getting torrent on a S5 ap 3 flamer is pretty sweet.

- Multiple force org - So this is where chaos gets chaotic. You can completely run 6+ hell drakes, or 6+ units of obliterators, or big blobs of cultists lead by fearless characters. GO GO 4 daemon weapons. So you are no longer held to only 2 blobs with fearless characters in them.

- Reaver Titan - A quick shout out to this guy. He got nerfed a little with Str D getting nerfed. But he is still one of the best titans around. So consider him.

- crimson slaughter - An intersting way to get tons of divination into your lists. With transports getting so much better, expect to see them spammed again. Mauler fiends with prescience might be an amazing options. Honestly 6 mauler fields with divination and soem hell drakes might be an army on it's own worth considering.
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