Tactica Eldar / Dark Eldar: 7th Edition

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Tactica Eldar / Dark Eldar: 7th Edition

Postby deFl0 » Sun May 25, 2014 8:26 pm

Setting up threads to talk about the different armies in 7th.
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Re: Tactica Eldar / Dark Eldar: 7th Edition

Postby deFl0 » Mon May 26, 2014 4:02 pm


Farseers: Got better. Runes of wittness and warding are more useful. Ghost helm is one of the few ways to not take wounds from perils of the warp (which happen more). The invisibility / fourtune combo is crazy good. Especially with beast pack or seer council. They also all get guide if you stick to the Runes of Fate table which is a pretty good reason to do it. Finally executioner, mind war and eldritch storm used to be pretty under used. Now with unlimited witch fires, you can throw these out like candy. Lastly, the spirit stone of Anath'lan is amazing. Reducing the cost of a spell saves you a couple dice per spell.

Finally, it's hard to say who get daemonology, but the table shos that Eldar get it. And with the ghost helm, they can be pretty imune to the downsides of not being daemons. Also the Sanctic powers are really quite good as well.

Spirit Seers: So first off getting the extra spell is huge for these guys. Especially with Iyanden. Now everything in the codex is running around quicker. Telepathy also gained shrouding and invisibility. It's now a hard choice for Iyanden spirit seers. But if you pick Telepathy, that's a lot of psychic shriek running around, with terrify and weaken resolve it gets scary. A special not for beast packs on this one. Expect the beast pack to take a crap ton of spririt seers spamming for invisibility. 6's to hit in hth makes these guys a scary deathstar.

Warlock: It's subtle but huge. Warlock now generate powers before you decide where to put them!!!! In additon, they all add +1 warp charge to the army pool. Also they get two spells. Where this gets really good is on jetbikes. So now you jink for a 4+ and shrouding gets you to a 2+ cover. 6 jetbikes with 2 cannons and a warlock just became awesome. Psychics might become some importnant you might start seeing these guys on foot. Or in transports, which BTW are now jinking for a 4+ and shrouding for a 2+ cover. This might make Falcons interesting again. Another thing to not is that if you throw a single dice at a spell you can't miscast. Which is awesome for Warlocks.

Jetbikes: So a couple big things for them. One, jink got better. Two in tactical mission, these guys can score like crazy. 3, with multiple force org you can run them with more characters for the LD. Some you can go more MSU.

Waveserpent: So these get better but lose some offense. The important thing to remember is that you have to use cover now or you end up jinking. That said you don't need the shield as much anymore. If you get hit by a Ap3+ weapon you can't be destroyed. Also, you can put Dark eldar in these now. good place to hide Dark Eldar Warriors. Especially if you are swapping a waverserpent bought for an elite unit. Think banshees in a raider, warriors in a waveserpent.

Fire Dragons: Think Venoms or raiders.

Banshees: Think Venoms or raiders.

Scorpians: Infiltrate is better now that you can score first turn in tactical mission. It's a good denial unit. Also works in venoms or raiders.

Karandaras: Can join a unit pregame and outflank them now. Although you can't give a unit without infiltrate infiltrate...

Baharroth: Now that he scores, he's a total pain in the ass.

Fuegan: Split fire is pretty sweet especially with fire dragons. Might be some options there. Also AP1 is much more important now, which makes him a beast against vehicles.

Eldrad: So he gets a little crazy. You can basically cast as many powers thorough one guy as you want. Eldrad gets a warp charge on a 5+ after any spell is cast. It's a pretty big boon considering most of your guys are running around at Lvl 1.

Autarch: With multi force org and the option of starting more units off the table, you might see these guys again. The mantle is a great option for an autarch on a bike, especially now that he scores.

Wraithguard: D scythes and promethium relays. Might be worth throwing some in your deplooyment zone if you really want to protect something. It should also be mentioned the in Iyanden spririt seers and warlocks all have the battle focus spell, so armies of these guys will be much more fluid and fast. Fianlly, distortion will cause D3+1 wounds agains gargantuan creatures on a wound of a 6.

Wraithknights: Lol. It's just a matter of time until you see double force org 6 wraith knights. Hell it sounds o much fun I might do it. These guys also hugely benefit from the smash going away. No longer will a Riptide smash it's way through you... And now that they score, these guys are mobile enough to take on that responsibility.

Crimson hunter / Hemlock: Both benfit from better jink. Hard to say if these will be used.

Swooping hawks: So with vehicles only exploding on a 7+, I think you will see more high AV tanks. So the haywire grenades might be better now. Also haywire grenades can be thrown now ;) Finally these guys are the king of scoring in tacitcal missions now that they score and don't scatter.

Warp Spiders: Again much better now that they can score and there will likely be more tanks in the game now. Hit and run is also going to be more useful now with mid turn scoring.

Shining Spears: +1 to jink save. So they now 3+ cover when they jink. Makes them more useful. Still a touch pricey though. But with scoring they are better. Especially since they can push a unit off an objective if they need too.

Fire Prism: Nothing has changed although I could see these get spammed if vehicles and lords of war become more common.

Avatar: Now that you aren't pinned down to 2 HQs this guy might get some play. Also to note, he is not unique. So you could see a couple with large amounts of guardians, which sounds totally different and fun.

Rangers: Infiltrate is more powerful with tactical missions now. I can see a unit being taken to sit on the central objective for turn one.

Night fight: So 40k elves have always had problems with knight fight... Now night fight is only stealth to everyone. Note, that mean guardians are 2+ in a crater if they have a warlock. Also to note is that fortifications can get a sport light as a 5 pt upgrade.

Forgeworld: So the revenant. Probably the reason Lords of war were so hated. With the nerf of the St D, they are much more in line iwth the power they should be with their D cannons. That said the sonic lances are better in comparison to what is out there. 2 wound a 3+ AP2 hell storm templates is really quite brutal.

Hornets are good throw up too to get some cheap fire power. Finally, the night wing is a spectacular flier although very expensive.
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Re: Tactica Eldar / Dark Eldar: 7th Edition

Postby deFl0 » Wed May 28, 2014 9:00 pm

Dark Eldar got a couple interesting things:

1. deepstriking vehicles move at combat speed. So units inside no longer snap shot and shoot at full BS. Go Go fire dragons in raiders. This is a big reason to run the Duke now.

2. Jink happens in response to being targetted. So now you don;t get caught with your pants down if you happen to go second, which always sucked for bikes, dark eldar and eldar vehicles.

3. Warp portal for Eldar! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

4. With eldar taking fortune, I kinda like the idea of misfortune and poison.

5. Swap warriors into waeserpents bought for elar elites to give them objective secured.

6. Haywire grenades can be thrown. Good for witches.

7. Reavers seem better now that they can take eldar character support and they basically turnbo boost always unless you are shooting with the meltas.

8. The barron is good for every army in the game

9. multiple shadow fields and fortune seem scary.
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Re: Tactica Eldar / Dark Eldar: 7th Edition

Postby deFl0 » Wed May 28, 2014 9:02 pm

oh and ally with necrons and force night fight for a couple turns :p

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Re: Tactica Eldar / Dark Eldar: 7th Edition

Postby The Gunslinger » Thu May 29, 2014 6:35 pm

Shouldn't bother saying this or that unit is better cuz now they score cuz they all do. :)
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