Want: SM & CSM Have: Eldar

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Want: SM & CSM Have: Eldar

Postby UltraSalKhorne » Mon Sep 29, 2014 8:13 pm

Hey all my name is Erik and I've played with some of you all a few times on Thursday nights. Just getting back into 40k after a bit of break during 6th and am looking to beef up my Ultramarines & World Eaters/Khorne armies. I am specifically looking for 3 SM Rhinos and 1 Razorback. As for CSM I'm interested in a few Berzerkers and 2 Maulerfiends. Also, Imperial Knight as a far chance. ;)

For Elder (to unload) I have 3 Wave Serpents built, not primed and without the weapons fixed. I also have all the bits and boxes for them. 3 Fire prisms (old ones with metal crystals) built. 1 with prism built and two without (for falcon/FP magnetization). I have one squad of Dire Avengers (I believe the exarch has a powersword and shield and I should have the box for that though I'll have to double check). 1 squad of Guardians with the weapons platform ready for magnetization and box'n'bitz. 6 swooping hawks, metal avatar (small so you can hide him) 6 fire dragons. I might have some striking scorpions but I'll have to double check on that.

Either way, looking forward to playing with you all on Saturdays (and maybe some Thursdays as well).

PS - All models are built, I don't believe any are even primed. Not an army I played a whole lot.
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