Tau - Ghost Walker Brigade

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Tau - Ghost Walker Brigade

Postby GreyDragoon » Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:52 pm

Thought this might be fun after seeing someone else post a similar list (but theirs was quite fluff-tastic). Using rules for Farsight and ShadowSun but would rename then to something else.

Detachment 1: Tau Codex (Recon/Scouting Team
- 1 Command Link Drone
- 2 3++ inv Drones
- C+C Node, MSSS, Neuroweb Jammer, Onager, PEN, Iridium Armor, Drone Controller, Vectored Retro-Thrusters
Stealth Team
- 6 Suits, 2 with Fusion Guns
- Both fusion guns have Target Lock
Kroot Squads
- 2 Squads, first has 12 kroot and second has 10. Both have a hound and sniper rounds.
Skyray Missile Gunship
- Disruption Pod, Sensor Spines

Detachment 2: Farsight Enclave (Using their rules but extending this as another allied group to the first)
Commander Farsight
Farsight Bodyguard Squad
- 7 Suits all with Target Locks and 2 Fusion Guns. Could mix some Fusion and some Plasma. One comes with the Talisman.
- 8 Gun Drones
XV8 Crisis Suit Teams
- First team is 3 suits all with target locks and a pair of plasma rifles.
- Second team is a single suit with a pair of flamers.

The idea being that if you put the farsight bodyguard squad with ShadowSun and the Buffmander, meanwhile you pair Farsight to the team with all plasma rifles. Your main squad is sitting pretty with 16 Fusion gun shots and 16 pulse carbine shots, the fusion shots all being able to be split up between other non-main targets and the full squad having Stealth, Shrouded, hit and run, re-roll to hit, ignore cover, and tankhunter/monsterhunter/stubborn as needed and finally a 4+ Deny the Witch. Make Shadowsun your warlord and not only can you infiltrate up to 18 inches from the enemy but you also assault jump move 3d6 instead of 2d6 each turn. The other stealth team helps beef up your alpha strike, as well as provides supporting fire. Same with your kroot as needed, can use them as a massive forward operating bubble wrap or as outflanking reserves. The plasma suits either haul ass from your side of the board or deep strike in, and the solo suit deep strikes in or holds a backfield objective as needed (hard to take out with rippers with those double flamers)

The trick of course is that you want to go first quite a bit. I suppose you could bring a mirror codex to up the odds a bit. Anyway, just thought it would likely be a fun list. If the opponent doesn't have ignore cover in profusion, they might have a real problem catching/stopping this list. No skyfire beyond the single skyray, but sheer volume of hits that could sink a flyer in a single un-saved shot should be enough to stop them from being a problem.
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