Carnifex Configuration

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Re: Carnifex Configuration

Postby The Gunslinger » Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:56 pm

Wow. Great stuff. Although I disagree about regen. Yeah, it's 30 pts, but no matter what gun is out there, especially the dreaded lazcan that doesn't care if you've got +1 T & 2+ save, the regen should help... each wound you're down by gets rolled every turn. Take THAT lazcan! :lol
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Re: Carnifex Configuration

Postby -GESSIG » Thu Jul 20, 2006 8:12 am

Great article. I am going with 2 gunfexes. The VC BS combo makes sense and you don't need too many other add ons.

Now I wonder if you can do the same analysis with my two HTs? Do you go all out HTH for them since they don't have the same strength or go Uber HTs? My guess would be HTH HTs.
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Re: Carnifex Configuration

Postby -thx10050 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:00 am

Personally, since I'm not looking to take Stealers in my Godzilla army list (the list is either further down this page or on the previous one), I went with 6 Raveners and an uber-Flyrant for my close combat. The walking Tyrant's kitted out for shooting, with 3 Guard to add close combat punch. The Flyrant has every CC upgrade I could slap onto it, from Acid Maw to Scything Talons to Toxic Miasma to additions to all his stats. Should be a match for even a Greater Daemon or an uber-Prince.

The walking Tyrant, as I said, is kitted out for shooting, as my army list is mostly shooty. With a Venom Cannon and TL-Devourer, he can either put some wounds on a squad or help knock out tanks with the Gunfexes. This is just my personal design though.
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