Ideas for "new" units

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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby Larro » Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:16 am

Well, I haven't seen the list. Is the 'new' draft coming out today? I'd like to check it out if/when it does. But yes, I see your point then. If BCs were special, then fine. Still, it makes the Specials seem overcluttered. You added Tenderisers and Whirlwinds, and BCs? Plus you already had DRs and BTs. What did you make Rare to compensate for the loss of BCs / the fact BCs got moved to Special? Treekin? I'd sooner take BCs if they were Rare, but now you've got them competing for slots in a list that absolutely needs 4 BTs *minimum* and could make a case that it has to take 6 since it has no answers at all to any of the prevalent big shit out there these days, particularly in HTH.

- Larry
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby mattbird » Mon Apr 27, 2009 11:26 am

when it comes out is up to Kevin. I want to format it in correct army book format before general release, though.

as to the list, I think it makes sense at this point to just wait. I don't want to keep giving half-answers, and Kevin is still changing stuff anyway.

re: bolt throwers, I don't think you need 4 currently. Fighting big targets is not a problem for CDs, between earthshakers and Ld10. Earthshakers make flyers move half speed, don't forget.
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby method » Mon Apr 27, 2009 8:19 pm

how about chaos dwarf Immortals, The elite chaos dwarf guard, mentioned in ( Games Workshop (2005). Grudgebearer. Thorpe, Gav. )
They could be stubborn, with ws 5 and 2 attacks... 14 pts each?

or the chaos dwarf kolloss (sp) basically a giant (shaggoth stats?) which was manned by a chaos dwarf, that lumbered onto the battlefield, that had a breath weapon, (some sort of flame thrower) also mntioned in that book. Great modding opportunities for a GT.

also i think weapon teams are the way to go with swivel guns and alike..

if able, i play with a couple of the page 5 guys on sundays, id like to play-test as well.

(BTW larry the CD book is in the mail..)
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby Anger Worm » Tue Apr 28, 2009 2:00 am

So uh, anyone like my suggestions?
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby mattbird » Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:29 am

I think y'all should hold your horses for 2 more days, then you'll see what Kevin has done. A lot of what everyone is suggested has been considered already by Kevin.
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby Revlid » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:28 pm

If you want a Bull Centaur hero to make Bull Centaurs more widely used without just freeing up space for artillery, the thing to do is surely to make them a 2-4-1 choice? Makes the player able to take more of them, without opening up that much more space for Earthshakers etc.

An obvious candidate for a new unit presents itself.

For slaves... Orc-statted infantry, with a chance to become Frenzied or Stupid each turn, depending on their reaction to the Slavemaster? You can choose to whip them at the start of a turn, on a roll of 3-6 they become Frenzied, on a 1-2 they become Stupid? Option for Flails (chain-gang chains)?
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby Dedwrekka » Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:36 pm

While waiting for the list, I would like the suggest the Kollosus as a rare unit. Might fit fairly well instead of a slave giant. Mechanical bull-headed giant with a breath weapon and a couple of dwarfs with blunderbuss on it. :orc thumb:

I'd also say that slave Ogres don't make a ton of sense with the Dawii Zharr. Like Black Orcs (Who were originally bred entirely to be slaves) after their rebellion, the Ogre Kingdoms work with the Chaos Dwarfs as mercenaries more than slaves. There might be a couple as slaves, but likely more working as mercs.
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby Revlid » Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:04 pm

What new units do we need...
The Hellcannon, obviously.
Chaos Dwarf Immortals - an elite unit of Chaos Dwarfs.
Ogre and/or Giant-sized Iron Golems - daemonic steampunk dwarf robots... from Hell!
A new warmachine of some kind (big swivel gun?) would be cool.
An engineer hero, too.
And something else - a Slave unit, or Berserkers, or a new Hobgoblin unit, or an updated Tenderiser, or something.

I dug up my Kolossus house rules and tidied them up for inspiration:
Kolossus: 285 pts per model
Code: Select all
            M WS BS S T W I    A    Ld
Kolossus    6  4  0 6 5 6 0 Special  9

Unit Size: 1 Kolossus
Equipment: Metal Fists, 3+ Armour Save, 5+ Ward Save
- Any Kolossus may be given a Helfyre Thrower or Swivel Gun for +30pts.
Special Rules: Cause Terror, Large Target, Stubborn, Immune to Psychology, Special Attacks, Bound Rage

Bound Rage - In the Compulsory Moves phase, roll 2D6. If there is an enemy model within that range that is an eligible target for the Kolossus to charge during the Declare Charges part of the Movement Phase, it must immediately declare a charge - if there is a choice of models to charge, the Kolossus must charge the nearest. Treat the 2D6 as both the Kolossus' maximum and failed charge range.
Special Attacks - Kolossi have a random number of attacks. Roll an Artillery Dice at the start of each Close Combat Phase. This is the number of attacks the Kolossus will have that round. On a Misfire the Kolossus takes a wound with no saves allowed. Every wound caused by the Kolossus is multiplied into two wounds (after saves, etc). The Kolossus' attacks count as Magical.

Helfyre Thrower - The Helfyre Thrower is a S5 Flaming Breath Weapon. Any unit that takes a wound from the Helfyre Thrower must take a Panic Test as though it had taken 25% casualties.
Swivel Gun - A Kolossus with a Swivel Gun may fire D3+3 shots in the Shooting Phase with a range of 18", hitting on a 4+ and ignoring modifiers for multiple shots, move-and-shoot, or range. The shots have a Strength of 4, and are Armour Piercing.
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby Bauhaus » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:17 pm

Just like the Romans - they need "flaming pig" units - but out of orcs. Nothing like flaming black orcs running amok.
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Re: Ideas for "new" units

Postby ZiggyQubert » Wed Apr 29, 2009 4:29 pm

I dont know, chaos dwarfs always struck me as an in the closet kind of race.
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