Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Lizardmen [1500pts]

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Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Lizardmen [1500pts]

Postby Voyager_3 » Sun May 17, 2009 4:51 pm

Today I had a battle against Lizardmen. It was supposed to be 1500pts battle.

I won't give detailed turn by turn overview, because the battle was quite a mess.
For example, because of many proxies I was using I made some mistakes during deployment. What's more and the most funny, I completely forgot to field Inferno Golems regiment worth 235pts. :orcs: So it was a battle 1265pts Dwarfs of Chaos vs. 1500pts Lizardmen.
Anyway, I would like to post a few thoughts concerning Dwarf of Chaos armylist.

My idea was to use as many new units/items as I could reasonably field. I didn't want to use any of old list combos or character/item sets. Because I don't like the new magic system and the battle was on less than 2000pts, I went for 'magic zero' army.

The army composition I used is shown below:


(Shield; Hailfire Gun, Helm of Azgorh)

Hobgoblin Big Boss
(Giant Wolf, Bow, Light armour, Shield; Blades of Backstabbing)

Great Horn Bull Centaur
(Great Weapon, Heavy armour, Shield; Amulet of Hashut)


Chaos Dwarf Warriors x10
(Great axes)

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbussers x18
(Full command group)

Hobgoblin Warriors x10

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders x5
(Full command group, Spears, Bows)

Rabble x25
(Full command group, Shields)



Death Rocket

Bull Centaurs x5
(Full command group, Heavy armours)


Inferno Golems x3
(Conflagration Cannon)
[I forgot to field this unit!]

TOTAL: 1498 points

My opponent fielded quite a tough army:
2 Stegadons (one was Ancient);
block of Saurus Warriors with spears;
Cold One Riders with hero on a Cold One (general);
2 units of Skink Skirmishers;
unit of Terradons with hero on Terradon;
Skink Priest caddy (level 1).

So, now a few thoughts about units I used.

The guy was in unit of Blunderbussers.
Hailfire Gun is a disaster - 12" range means that almost all hits are on a long range. After movement, with multiple shot and outstanding BS of whole 4 it just sucks. It shouldn't be a magic item, but a normal equipment. Or better just drop it at all and give some kind of Blunderbuss with targeting ability (as an equipment, not a magic item).
Helm of Azgorh. It's OK for a defense. Change the name of the item - it's Enchanted Item so the name 'Helm' is confusing. :orcs:
Next time I won't field Slavemaster at all. A bit pitty as it's Dwarfs of Chaos army. :orcsslobber:

Hobgoblin Big Boss
Cool! Cheap and with Blades of Backstabbing it makes a unit of Wolf Riders quite hard hitting. As for fast cavalry, of course. And unless they won't fail Animosity or Fear. :orcs:

Great Horn Bull Centaur
This guy rocks! With Amulet of Hashut he makes a unit of Bull Centaurs a bloody hammer! I love this guy. :orc thumb:

Chaos Dwarf Warriors
Well... mandatory Core filler... No comment. :?

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbussers
New Blunderbuss rules don't change a lot. As before they suck against low model units. So after a few games your opponent knows how to quite easily deal with them. Add hitting by Unit Strength and rise the cost by one.

Hobgoblin Warriors
Vanilla archers. Typically suffer from Animosity. Now are more expensive so less worth of fielding them. I will only field them because I go those supa-dupa Perry's hobgoblin models, which I think love the most from the whole Warhammer range. Yes, I'm Perry's hobgoblin models pervetr. :uriel: :orc thumb:

Hobgoblin Wolf Riders
Well, the pro is that they can be fielded in units of fives. That's very cool as their manoeuvrability is much more increased now. However, they lack of armour as they can't have shields and still be fast cavalry. They are more fragile now and need to be played in a more conservative way, which I don't like.

Won't field it again. :orcsslobber: The suicide attack tactic sucks. They must go off on a precise moment and with a reasonable range. And those D6 S3 hits are... weak. :orcs: Playing as a typical block unit also sucks. WS2, I1, no character inside (failed breake test risk) is a pain. Better field regular Hobgoblin block - a bit more expensive, but much more reliable.

Pretty cool. Lacks form a 2D6" pursue/flee. Impact hits are not unbalanced. Remember that you can't target those attacks. It could cost a bit more. I think 90pts would be fine, but certainly not more (like 'regular' 100+ points chariots).

Death Rocket
Pfff... it's a mortar with more precise targeting and no 'template hole shot'. Weak against T4 stuff. Maybe with -2 armour save modifier. The price is certainly too high. Should be 60pts.

Bull Centaurs
These guys are a must! They rock! :fist: Especially with hatred character combo. They butchered 5 Cold One Riders + hero (general) on a Cold One. They inflicted more wounds than Riders with general had total (Bull Centaur champion in challenge ate Lizardmen general alive)! Hatred! And later with M8 they easily caught Skink Priest and smashed the lizard into the ground. HOWEVER, they lack of armour! Those are not typical heavy cavalry. They have to watch for any shooting. Even stupid skinks can rip their red butts. I think they are underpriced. But only for a point or two. No more as they are vulnerable for shooting.

Inferno Golems
Umm... yea, forgot to field them. :orcs:

So, that's it.
I lost the battle overall. The biggest problem were Stegadons. Actually only Bull Centaurs could kill them. I didn't even have a chance to charge any, as my unit was rampaging on the other flank. Death Rocket doesn't even have S6 under hole so no use against tough fellas (like Hydra, Treeman etc.). Also the army lacks of something anti-flying, especially anti-flying-character. Some skirmish could be useful.

If you got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. :orcs:
(Oh, I'm lazy so I'm posting this without checking for spelling etc. Also I'm not an English native speaker. I hope for your understanding... :orc thumb: )
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Re: Dwarfs of Chaos vs. Lizardmen [1500pts]

Postby mattbird » Mon May 18, 2009 11:58 pm

thanks! good stuff. too bad about the Golems..
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