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Fantasy Rules

Postby robk » Mon May 18, 2009 8:49 pm

Fantasy Rules:
1. You must bring a 2500 pt army using the most current army list for your army. This army must have a single 2000 pt version to be used in games 1 & 3. Up to two 2250 pt army lists can be made from the 2500 pt army to be used for games 2 & 5 (To be chosen before rolling for terrain). Game 3 will be 2500 pt. Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition rules will be used. Bring 3 messenger models mounted on either 20 or 25mm bases.

Note: Models/Command/Items can be dropped from characters/units to reach the 2000pt and 2250pt lists but nothing can be added to models/units from the 2500 pt list.

2. All versions of the army list must be submitted no later that November 13, 2009. Any late entries will be subject to an undetermined penalty for the tournament.
Any army deemed too harsh by the composition judges will be sent back to the player for revisions. This is only to limit the far end of the spectrum (Altar + 2 Stanks + Cannons, WE Dragon + 2 Treemen, etc)

3. Special Characters will be allowed although subject to the same review as above. White dwarf/appendix/back of the book army lists are allowed with prior approval from the tournament organizer. Email the army lists to in either text/word doc format. Please make the list as easy to read as possible.
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