CD v. Empire (V3)

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CD v. Empire (V3)

Postby Border Reiver » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:44 am

Had a game at my local GW last night with the new list. I used

Great Bull Centaur - chaos armour, shield, great weapon, Helm of Azgorh
Slavemaster BSB - chaos armour, shield, Axe of Graznak
Daemonsmith - chaos armour, shield, daemon blade Bull Horn of Uzkulak
Daemonsmith - chaos armour, shield, daemon blade

18 Warriors with full command, war banner - chaos armour and shield (BSB and Daemonsmith went here)
Eruption gun
14 Annihilators - Full command (the daemonsmith with the Bull Horn went here)
15 Annihilators - full command
5 wolf riders with spears
5 wolf riders with spears
5 Bull Centaurs with full command, chaos armour, shield, gret weapons (Great Bull Centaur went here)
Death Rocket
3 Inferno golems with the eruption gun

My opponent had (bear with me, I'm going from memory)

Arch lector - dawn armour, shield, sword of striking, popemobile
warrior priest, heavy armour, barded warhorse, sword of battle, ring of volans
warrior priest, heavy armour, barded warhors, sword of might, doomfire ring
Captain BSB, full plate, barded warhorse, dragon bow

10 flagellants - prophet of doom
9 knights - full command
10 militia

5 outriders
5 pistoliers
18 great swords with full command (warrior priest with ring of volans went here)
25 great swords with full command (the other warrior priest and the BSB went here)
Detachement of 9 militia

the game ended up in a tie (well, I won by 35 points, but...)


Annihilators - there needs to be a clarification for the minimum unit size at which the unit can concentrate fire - although it did not come into play here, there was a question of wht happens if the annihilators are reduced to 5 models or less, RAW would concievably allow 1 model to "Concentrate Fire" and hit every model in a unit.... I would recommend that in order to use concentrate fire, that there should be at least 5 models.

In addition, the gamers and staff found that the new rules for the blunderbuss are no simpler than the old ones, and appear to make the unit more powerful.

Eruption gun - I found that the one I attached to the golem worked well, but the one for the infantry unit did not. This appears to be a function of my dice rolling for the non-golem gun. That being said, what base size is to be used for the team - I would recommend that a 40mm base be used.

Earthshaker - the change to the radius of the earthshaker effect really increased the effectiveness of the weapon. and its ability to slow units to a crawl and reduce shooting was worth its weight in gold.

Daemonsmith changes - a good streamlining of the rules - very easy to understand, and makes a list without a high priest much more viable.

The Chaos Armour option for the Bull Centaurs greatly increses their survivability against shooting. The unit took a round of shooting from the outriders (15 S4 shots, 10 of whcih hit and 6 wounded) with only 3 casualties.

T5 on the Inferno golems is the key to their survivability - this unit took 2 rounds of shooting from the outriders in return for ony wounds. I will be using the golems again.

General observation - a fully kitted out Chaos Dwarf Warrior (chaos armour, shield, great weapon) is 14 points - the same value as an Obsidian Guardsman without his shield. The points cost for the chaos armour option should likely be dropped by 1 or two points, to keep values consistent across the army. I do not recommend increasing the value of the OG as they are already similarly costed to the elites from the Dwarf army.
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Re: CD v. Empire (V3)

Postby mattbird » Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:00 am

great, thanks!

re: annihilators, yes, they need to be 5+ to get concentrated volley. I agree that they may be stronger with the V3 rules. The rules are certainly simpler to execute, without the 12" template thing, without partial hits, multiple hit units, etc....

was it the rule description that was thought complicated? or was it the actual execution?
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Re: CD v. Empire (V3)

Postby KevinC » Wed Jun 10, 2009 5:04 pm

Border, how did you magic phases go?


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Re: CD v. Empire (V3)

Postby Border Reiver » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:30 pm

The magic phase was easy for both of us - both armies were using Warrior priests/daemonsmiths and the idea that they were bound spells is an easy one. The Helm and Gifts of Darkness gave me enough DD for most of the time. I think the magic phase is much better balanced this version. However, since this was only my first game with this army, I will hold off on the effectiveness judgement for a bit.

Ithink that the CDs will struggle against a magic heavy army, but then they do need a downside.
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