V 3 Rabble

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V 3 Rabble

Postby Maul » Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:59 pm

I like them. I would just consider the following.

With you unit size of 20 and having to take a task master, your minimum cost is 72 points.

-if you have a spear option for 1 point, how about an additional hand weapon for 1 point (free company are 5 points with an additional hand weapons and they are not WS 2, ld 5, and prone to folding up and going home). My general feel on pricing is that they are not up to par with a goblin. Goblins at least come with light armor. Maybe they come standard with additional HW and can swap it out for a spear for free. They are still only WS 2 with I 2. So they will likely will hit on 4+. The spear option strikes me from a fluff standpoint as too well organized a weapon to use of troops that are common slaves and that hobgoblins would seem like the more likely users of spears.

-Can the bow on the task master be an option for him

-72 points is the expensive side of a throw away unit, considering that hobgoblin now have a minimum size of 20 and a much more expensive (the come standard with more stuff) would you consider a minimum size of 10 or 15 for anything. That is one thing I will miss about the old ravening Hoards PDF, the 20 point hobgoblin unit (naked 10 man) that has a limited task list, divert or claim a board corner. I have had that unit break Dark Elf harpies in combat so they have their uses. These is nothing with less than 20 models to fill that role as even sneaky gits are a 20 strong unit. Try and more a 20 man skirmish unit. Maybe sneaky gits should be the unit with a lower size like 12 guys.
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Re: V 3 Rabble

Postby Hashuts Scion » Sun Jun 28, 2009 9:25 pm

Sneaky gits are not 10 man sized units with the scout ability.

Also next version the rabble will have both the 20mm and 25mm base sizes, so slaves can be more than just gobbos, although I use skaven slaves as well.

The one thing I have found use for rabble is to set up kill zones by luring the enemy into range of my annihilators.
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