Tuomas Pirinen's The Immortals Full Fluff

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Tuomas Pirinen's The Immortals Full Fluff

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The Immortals are the hand-picked warriors of the Chaos Dwarf House Hargan. Since the time immemorial the thousand finest warriors of House Hargan have fought together as a single regiment. Place amongst Immortals is a much sought-after honour amongst the warriors. Only by performing an exeptional act of prowess on the battlefield will a young Chaos Dwarf warrior win his right to stand amongst the Immortals. The number of warriors in the immortal regiment always stays the same. Any casualties are always replenished after battle. This is where the name immortal is derived from, as the regiment always stays at full strength during a campaign no matter how many are slain. All the Chaos Dwarf warriors who have served with the Immortals will have their name carved in the obsidian pillar in the Temple of Hahut. Thus his name will live forever and they will find favour in they eyes of Hashut. The armour of the Immortals is especially thick, made from the iron ore of the Mountains of Mourn. The metallic masks of the Immortals are frightening in the extreme. In battle they wield hammers of black iron and carry shields decorated with the iron rune of House Hargain.

M 3, WS 5, BS 3, S 4, T 4, W 1, I 3, A 1, LD 9

0-1 Unit of Immortals - 15 Points per model


The rank bonus of the Immortals is not negated by enemy charging on their flank or rear, though the usual +1/+2 bonus still applies. Being the masters of assault, the Immortals also ignore defended obstacles. Their opponents gain no bonuses for defending a wall, rampart, or other obstacle.
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