v4 CD vs Daemons of Chaos [1650pts]

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v4 CD vs Daemons of Chaos [1650pts]

Postby Voyager_3 » Mon Aug 17, 2009 9:17 am

On Saturday I played a 1650pts battle against Daemons of Chaos.

My army was almost exactly the same as the one in the battle against High Elves a week before
(http://warmongers.ziggyqubert.com/wmbb/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=7670) - I only swapped The Shadow Standard of Hashut for a War Banner.

DoC army:

Herald of Tzeentch (something I don't remember + disc),
Herald of Khorne BSB (banner D3 to Combat Resolution, juggernaut),
unit of 2 Bloodcrushers (champion and standard bearer; banner +D6" to first charge; Herald goes with them),
2x unit of 10 Horrors,
unit of 5 mounted Daemonettes,
unit of 5 Furies,
unit of 6 Flesh Hounds (including Karanak).

Surprisingly I've won the battle by major victory. :fist: My opponent played first time against this new CD army list.
Main thoughts from the battle:

As week before I used '5th edition like' blunderbuss rules. Concentrated fire worked like a charm against juggernauts. :orc thumb: Otherwise they would be really useless.

I also used Deamoneater with 'impact hits any time', so no striking with Initiative order on turns it doesn't charge. Well, I'm starting to think that 'any time impact hits' could be a bit OP. If you manage to charge any unit from a flank (eg. Flesh Hounds), the Deamoneater is unstoppable. But from the other hand, Deamoneater is very vulnerable - any shooting (normal or magic) or charge from the flank (like pansy Horrors killed it) is deadly for it. I don't know the solution. Maybe give it the rule 'impact hits in the first turn of combat', not only on charge.

Erruption Guns with Rage on Misfire are fine now. Funny situation from the battle. I was shooting to Horrors; misfired; raged (14"!) into Herald on disc and... killed him. OK, he was already wounded, but still! :orcs:

Golems smashed Deamonettes, but then were charged from behind by Horrors. Couldn't get through Ward Save this time, lost the combat and run away. :orcsslobber: But they are fine otherwise. Just don't even think about giving them Unbreakable rule, because this will make them OP. Immune to psychology and high Ld is fine.

Bullcentaurs were eaten by Bloodcrushers (only BC Hero survived). Hobgoblin Wolfriders - well, typical fast cavalry. And that's it. :orcs:

Any comment is welcome. :orcs:
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