Clarifications and FAQ's

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Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby Jaghatai » Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:56 pm

We know this is going to happen eventually, I have a few "Direwolf-esque" questions that need quick clarification...

Errata: A Giant Wolf for a Hobgoblin Overseer should be 12 points, not 18 pts. -Kevin

Errata: The Kollosus Daemon Tower has the Slave Lords and Unyielding special rules. In addition, a Kollosus Daemon Tower may never make a march move, though still doubles its movement when charging. - Kevin

Errata: Annihilators must be five models wide in order to fire. - Kevin

Are shots from the Hailfire Gun magical?

---------------Yes, it is a magic weapon. -Kevin

If a Daemonsmith joins a daemon engine, and it misfires and explodes, does he die like the rest of the crew, or survive like a regualr character?

--------------The Daemonsmith would only be killed in this manner if he is acting an a crew member.-Kevin

Can Daemonsmiths take "Daemonbane"? (due to multiple bound spells)

--------------No, as per the rulebook characters may not carry more then one magic item that contains a bound spell. Since the Daemonsmith's Daemon Weapon counts as a magic weapon and contains a bound spell, he may not take another bound spell magic item. - Kevin

Do characters in a unit being shot at by Blunderbusses get a "Look Out Sir!" roll, are they treated as rank and file, or do they get hit on a 4+?

-------------They get hit on a 4+, no look out sir. -Kevin

If a character wearing Armor of the Furnace rides a Kolossus Tower, does it become immune to flaming attacks?

-------------Yes, the Kolossus becomes immune to flaming attacks.-Kevin

I know these are kind of nitpicky, but we spent months discussing spiking a steam tank, so I guess they aren't so bad. (and again, I love the book, and think it looks great!)
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby Renufus » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:09 pm

Should a wolf really be 18pts for a Hobgoblin hero? Seems like it should be 12.

Arcane Apparatus: "A High Priest with an Arcane Apparatus gains +1 Attack." What about Daemonsmiths, now that they can use arcane items? Does this bonus not apply to them? Can they even use this item?
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby mattbird » Wed Sep 02, 2009 9:12 pm

thanks guys, keep adding to the list, we'll hit it all in one go before Crossroads
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby Renufus » Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:00 pm

When is that? The reason I ask is because the Army Builder file is all done now, but I have a strong suspicion the wolf should be 12pts. I'm going to be submitting the file to Anarchistica so he can upload it on his Yahoo group (where most people go for the most recent AB files) and I'd like to be extra sure that there is nothing left for me to change before I do. The sooner Kev can clear this up the sooner I can release the file for you guys.
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby mikkjel » Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:24 am

Daemonsmith reference to rerolling failed rampage test: this should be errataed out?
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby KevinC » Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:11 am

Great, thanks for this!

I'll simply edit the first post with the answers...
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby DarkbloodSkullpulper » Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:55 pm

Sorry I missunderstood the timing of this thing. I was planning to do a full nit-pick on the almost complete version, and did not think it would be circulated before one last round of error-finding, FAQ, and errata.

------sorry bout that, timing made it impossible.

here is what I came up with on the first go-round:

1) The "slave lords" special rule is missing from the Kolossus and Inferno Golems. Without it, the units panic from nearby hobos breaking, and these units in turn do not cause panic in CD units. I think that either the rule needs to be added, or else the slave lords rule rephrased.

--------yes, this needs addressing

2) should the slave lords rule be clarified to state that no character with that rule is allowed in a unit without that rule? Otherwise, is a unit of hobos immune to panic from other hobos if the first unit contains a chaos dwarf?

--------needs clarification; Kevin?

3) the blunderbuss special rules do not address how they act inside buildings. See the RH rules for a suggestion.

---------do units get rank bonuses within buildings? Rank Bonus is the key phrase in the annihilator rules, and should solve the question

4) the kolossus rules do no specify whether the crew's blunderbusses count as being ranked or not. suggestion: use the building rules.

--------crew of ridden monsters don't get a rank bonus, so this one seem clear?

5) the daemonsmiths still have a rule that allows a re-roll of a failed "rampage test" for a Hellcannon. Should there have been any additional benefit for joining a different daemonic engine?

--------have to check on this

5a) The army list entry says daemonsmiths can take any 50 points of any magic item - it should note that they may not take weapons, but may take arcane items.

--------arcane is noted in the unit entry, as the daemon weapon allows him to count as a wizard in all respects.

6) Earthshaker (old question that was never addressed in RH) - what happens if it touches a friendly unit? does that unit not fire in the current phase, or does "their following shooting phase" mean the next CD turn?

---------current phase, will add to FAQ

7) the kolossus does not specify how half victory points are awarded. Per the standard rules, this would require a total of 8 wounds between the tower and the crew to achieve. Is this the intent?

---------will look into this one.

8) Molocharoar - his description states that he uses spells from the lores of fire, metal, shadow, or death. Should it state that only a single lore may be chosen in any given battle? I don't know the default interpretation for spell lore choices written this way.
9) Astrogoth, same Q as above.

---------I think it's defaulted as you choose 1 lore

10) morgok - if he casts daemonic fortune on a unit of sneaky gits, do their 1's to hit count as auto-wounds via poison?


11) Why is there an entry in the back of the book for the Mother Crushers?

------ :) look at the last few pages of the book again. We snuck this one in as a surprise, surprised none here have mentioned it before now.

12) Should there be any DOW available to the CD army?

--------DOW availability is now covered by the DOW rules. This is the way GW has been doing it for the last bunch of books.

13) Crooked dice - it should be emphasized that a "natural 1" means exactly that, a 1 when a d6 is used to determine the d3 number.
14) Hexacon - language should be added to point out that double 1's do not give an automatic failure to dispel, and neither do double 6's give an automatic success.

----will look into these 2

15) Death Mace - may the bearer split his attacks between multiple models and be granted the toughness test against every model he hits (i.e. against multiple-wound infantry with different profiles, multiple characters, character on a mount, etc)
16) Same Q for the Phantom Blade.

-----yes, may split attacks as normal, unless that's deemed too good, and we want to limit it?

17) the points cost for a Bull Centaur lord to get chaos armor is the same as for a BC hero to get chaos armor. Generally, the cost is higher for a lord.

----we'll see if this makes sense to fix. Not sure we want to get into changing actual rules in the book? Not til after Xroads, anyway.
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby DarkbloodSkullpulper » Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:05 am

And by the way, that's a pretty good success rate for pre-empting the nit-picks. Add a couple that had previously been answered before I posted, and I think I really only had a dozen or so serious questions. I think I found 35 in the lizard book, and lost count for the Warriors of Chaos.

Yes, I am one of those people, but mostly because I fully expect to have random opponents try to twist GW's poor language choices to suit their own agenda if the rules are not perfectly spelled out.
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby Garrett » Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:49 am

Wouldn't the Slave Lord situation on the Kolossus and Golems be addressed by the fact they're Immune to Psychology?
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Re: Clarifications and FAQ's

Postby mikkjel » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:22 am

I think that was the idea, but it changes who they cause panic in.
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